Fake Robbery Allegations — Huffington Post Cites Tabloid For Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Hoax!

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The Huffington Post is under fire, after one of their contributors used a known satire tabloid site as a source for an article alleging that the Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery was a hoax.

The tab alleged that the robbery was simply a publicity stunt, staged to boost flailing Keeping Up with the Kardashians ratings. The piece, written by HuffPost frequent contributor, Sharika Soal, jabbed at Kardashian, and the allegation that she faked the robbery as a grab for media attention. The story has since been deleted.

Soal addressed the  dramatic Paris incident, choosing to cite a tabloid piece as a source — pointing to the reality star’s pattern of “media manipulation.” When readers discovered that Soal’s source was YourNewsWire.com, Twitter exploded.


Reportedly, Kardashian was gagged and tied up in her hotel room on the evening of October 2nd, during a trip to attend Paris Fashion Week. Millions of dollars of jewelry was allegedly stolen, including a $4.5 million dollar ring. Questions surrounding the incident have triggered colorful public speculation about the dramatic episode.

The Huffington Post has yet to publicly address the now vanished piece, as well as the social media backlash.


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