Twitter Erupts After Tamra Judge Cries ‘Kids Off Limits’ Despite Attacking Her Costars Children — Watch Video!

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Real Housewives of Orange County

Tamra Judge was busted and exposed Monday night for preaching that kids are off limits despite historically attacking her co-stars children.

The nasty episode was triggered by Kelly Dodd behaving childishly — but took a dark turn when Tamra threw out a rumor — accusing Kelly of meddling in Heather Dubrow’s financial biz. Kelly called her a “liar,” then commented insensitively, though privately, to Shannon Beador about Tamra’s non-relationship with her daughter. Shannon spilled the tea, and Tamra WENT OFF — and struck Kelly off-camera. The scuffle was caught on a producer’s camera phone — that is until Tamra allegedly lashed out at the producer as well.

Tamra began by defending herself before the incident even aired — by bashing Kelly.

Tamra then shifted gears and played the sympathy card — a poor distraught mom, missing her estranged daughter.

Tamra doesn’t mention that she allegedly could have remained in relationship with her daughter, if she had chosen her own child, instead of a reality TV career. The truth hurts most of all.

Even though Tamra allegedly assaulted Kelly, the cast comforted Tamra, and continued the gang up on Kelly. Kids are off-limits — echoed many fans on Twitter. But a brief look back reveals that Tamra mouthed off at Lizzie Rovsek about her kids, during the Season 9 Reunion. Press play below to watch the video evidence.

Former RHOC star, Lizzie Rovsek, chimed in and reminded Twitter that her 2 and 3-year old boys weren’t off limits to Judge during her season. 

Tamra also dragged Slade Smiley’s child into a smear dialogue against his father, former cast mate Gretchen Rossi’s boyfriend. She also blasted Alexis Bellino, tagging her as a negligent mom, and threw out that Vicki “bribes” her daughter, Briana. Evidently, ONLY Tamra’s kids are off limits.


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