‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Moniece Slaughter Threatens Legal Action Amid Shaq Pregnancy Claims

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Moniece Slaughter Threatens Legal Action Amid Shaq Pregnancy Claims

Things are getting messy on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this season.

Moniece Slaughter’s sex tape is the focus of season three — spilling the reality drama into real life between Moniece and costar, Jason Lee.

Lee went on a public rant about Moniece’s “petty ass behavior” accusing her of getting pregnant years ago with retired NBA star Shaq’s baby while he was married to Shaunie O’Neal. Read the scathing now-deleted IG post below. 

“I rarely do this anymore (although I used to enjoy it). @moniece_slaughter I don’t do the social media thing anymore but since you’re out promoting the sex tape you want the world to know about here we go. I’m not worried about you and your petty a$$ behavior. Legal court or one of public opinion has never scared me. If you’re concerned about your anal wig being shown to the world don’t worry about it. If I was gonna drop it I would. As far as monetizing off your sex tape id rather sell the story of how you got pregnant f*cking @shaq while he was a married man. You are a worthless piece of genetic garbage and if you don’t want the world seeing your pu$$y online drop giving it so freely to maf*ckas. You’d think your vagina had a “donate .50 cents a day” sign next to it.”

Dayum! But Lee’s not done. His rant continues:

“Saddest part of this whole saga is that you’re truly a medically disturbed person that does anything for attention. Keep poking this sleeping dog if you want. I can do this all day! Ps, here’s a receipt of where you text me sayng you weren’t pursuing whatever ridiculous charges you think you can. That counter suit for public slander will be a maf*cka you broke b!tch. Ima take that EBT card too then what you gonna do for food. Huh!”

Jason Lee deleted IG post about Moniece Slaughter

Although Moniece has not publicly disputed the sex tape’s existence, she is threatening legal action and had a message for Lee.

Moniece Slaughter

Moniece has since posted a new message alerting fans (and Jason Lee) that her legal team has instructed her not to respond to the Shaq pregnancy rumors. In the caption, she wrote, “No comment…Sad day when you’ve done literally nothing to an individual. A man at that. And he makes it his mission to do what he thinks is destroying you. But ultimately will damage the one individual who has nothing to do with any of it. My child. And if it weren’t for that, I’d let them keep it up.”

Moniece Slaughter Threatens Legal Action Amid Shaq Pregnancy Claims

Bring on the courtroom drama, but from the looks of it, Lee seems like he’s all in and the reunion will be major drama as well!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays on VH1.


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