’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Chantel Breaks Down Amid Financial Woes & Mohamed and Luisa Fight

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The countdown continues on 90 Day Fiance, as the couples continue to hurdle obstacles on their way to the altar. The days are ticking away — so what is happening with the international lovebirds this week? 

Nicole and Azan

We join the mismatched pair in Morocco, right where we left them — with Nicole flinging Azan like tear soaked kleenex. She’s furious and crushed  that her true love isn’t prioritizing her groping demands. Azan’s mom comforts Nicole kindly, with more understanding than she deserves. Nicole is sad that quality time with Azan’s family has turned into a crap-fest, but Azan is just thrilled that he successfully shut Nicole up. The couple sits down with Azan’s family, and Nicole begins mouthing off like a fool again. Azan’s brother-in-law is surprised that this American twit did nothing to culturally prepare, but Nicole points her finger straight at an embarrassed Azan. Azan’s family acknowledges her stubborn neediness, but Azan’s brother-in-law advises her to take it or beat it. A lightbulb goes off — because she has no choice but to shut up and keep her grubby mitts to herself.

90 Day Fiance Recap_I Can See the Cracks

Nicole is thrilled that Azan’s family helped them through their struggles, and is happy about an upcoming desert camping trip. Azan has a big surprise, while telling us all — and likely himself — that their heart connection is strong. The couple hops aboard a couple of camels, and Nicole is impressed by the hump-shaped shadows. The scenery is gorgeous, and Azan makes Nicole’s day by making it a one tent night. He plans to surprise his chunky pain in the neck with an engagement ring.

Chantel and Pedro

Chantel has still not spilled to her parents about her engagement, so she ups the disrespect factor and flaunts the lie with a wedding dress shopping trip. Chantel isn’t sure of the budget, because her parents’ credit card is still clueless about the engagement. Chantel shops for a bootylicious dress, and decides that she needs to tell her parents — so they can pay for the dress…and a wedding. Evidently, her family accepts her shacking up with her online boyfriend, but would be aghast to learn of an engagement — quite a head-scratcher.

Pedro later reminds us that Chantel’s family is challenging, as he meets up with Chantel’s dad for a workout. Pedro hopes for a friendly conversation, and the outing begins that way, until “Father Chantel” begins to ask about his intentions. Pedro assures him that he loves his daughter, then becomes overwhelmed with all of the questions. Poor Pedro is shoved into a corner by an interrogation about marriage, and plays dumb, pretending he doesn’t understand. Father Chantel sees red flags and red signs — but what he really needs to see is a blazing red, truth-dodging daughter.


The secret morphs into “negative energy,” the couple begins to bicker, and Pedro wants to bolt from this shady country. Chantel is stressed, and meets with her friend, Gege to hash out the nonsense. Chantel’s pal reminds her that HELLO — she’s on a TV show, and her parents are going to find out. Chantel has a little hissy fit to the cameras and flounces away, after admitting that she’s broke, and doesn’t want to settle for a cheap park wedding. Chantel is too bankrupt for a dress, a wedding, decency, or the truth. RUN Pedro!


Narkyia and Lowo

Narkyia has been struggling to reach her Nigerian love, which is making her nervous. The red flags are furiously pounding this love connection into the dirt, because Lowo began the romance as a catfish, and descends from polygamists. Lowo finally checks in, and shares that his visa is in the works. He explains the MIA act to a lost phone, and pilfered belongings. Narkyia doesn’t trust him because he is a skilled liar, but she loves him anyway. She is worried about a broken heart, but shady Lowo apologizes, and assures her that he will send proof that he is not a fishy fibber.


Jorge and Anfisa

We catch up with the Russian diva complaining about being lonely, as she shows off her new wardrobe consultant, a pet cat. The couple haven’t set a date for their wedding, but shares that they are kinda-sorta looking forward to the big day. Jorge set up a bridal boutique appointment to try on moderately priced wedding dresses, but we all know that such a chintzy  travesty won’t fly with Anfisa. She explains to the saleslady that she wants a figure-hugging number that would be a smash on Instagram — and asks about the most expensive dress in the store. She rolls her eyes at Jorge claiming that her happiness is his top priority, while the saleslady grins  mischievously in the background.

90 Day Fiance Recap_I Can See the Cracks

Anfisa tries on a couple of sexy numbers, while Jorge nervously twitches at the price tags. Anfisa’s pupils morph into dollar signs, while she smirkingly tries on the $45k gown. Anfisa knows she deserves her dream dress, and pouts like a toddler when Jorge dares to object to dropping such an insane chunk of change. Anfisa asks what the whole point of this gig is anyway, if the sky’s not the limit. Jorge breaks it to her that he’s not Bill Gates, and that she needs to be patient. Anfisa snarks that Jorge is a wealthy poser, and she can find plenty of those in Russia.

Matt and Alla

Matt and Alla are shopping for wedding bands, when we join bland Matt and the Ukrainian mom. The nosy TLC-coached jeweler butts in and interrogates the couple, and they all have an awkward convo about marriage and Alla scoring a wedding ring in their upcoming divorce. Alla notes that she could return to Ukraine — single, and sporting some American bling. Alla chooses a ring and everyone — including the buttinski jeweler — is happy.



90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Danielle and Mohamed Update:

We rejoin Mohamed, living the broke life in Miami. Mohamed and Luisa are on the outs, but are meeting up, to hash out their differences. Luisa isn’t keen on seeing Mohamed again, but thinks it’s worth duking it out for closure. Luisa brings a friend for support, who grabs a few lines in the spotlight. Mohamed says that Luisa sold him on fake promises, and that he  won’t tolerate disrespect. Luisa drops a line about revealing Mohamed’s true self, but then backs off. Luisa calls him a user — which we all already know.


Danielle plotted to draw Mohamed out by filing for an annulment, and it works. Mohamed calls Danielle, and she blasts him for boat frolicking with Luisa. Mohamed tells us that being a social media whore pays, because people have been tipping him off that his wife is canoodling with another online chubby chaser. Mohamed needs to go back to Ohio, to convince Danielle that divorce is the only way — and to snag a couch to flop on.


Danielle later speaks to her rosy-faced friend, Beth, about the upcoming meeting with Mohamed, and giggles at the mere prospect of seeing her runaway hubby again. Beth thinks that the meeting might cause Danielle to backslide into a Tunisian love-puddle. Mohamed is a dirtbag — but Danielle can’t stop smiling like a loon, while dreaming that “scaring” Mohamed back into her ams, might just work.


Next week, it’s time for a risqué photo shoot for Anfisa, and a sandy collapse for Nicole. Lowo has some bad news, Chantel drops the bomb,  and Danielle and Mohamed thrash it out in snowy Ohio. Don’t miss it!


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