Melissa Gorga Feels Jacqueline’s ‘Crazy Outbursts’ Are Calculated #RHONJ

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'RHONJ' Recap: Teresa & Melissa Gang Up on Jacqueline in Vermont Dustup

Melissa Gorga has been walking on eggshells this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Desperate to reestablish a relationship with her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, she’s turned her back on Kathy, Rosie, and especially Jacqueline Laurita. They all supported Melissa during her rough patches with Teresa, but now that she and Tre are as thick as thieves once again, everyone else can take a hike.

As soon everyone sat down to dinner in Vermont, Teresa made a snarky comment, and Jacqueline snapped back. Melissa claims she was hoping for a more peaceful outcome.

“…the conversation between Teresa and Jacqueline escalated very quickly and once again focused on the PAST and “soldiers”…”

Jacqueline asked Melissa a simple question. When Strippergate went down, did Jac immediately tell Melissa what was going on — yes or no? Mel hesitated, then she tried to get out of answering altogether.

Jacqueline immediately came at me demanding that I back her up….I don’t respond well to people yelling and pointing their finger in my face — that will make me never speak. And I hesitated to answer her because…while she did warn me…I don’t believe she was completely in the dark as to what was going to go down that night.”

I never had the sense that Jacqueline had a part in Strippergate. Melissa feels otherwise — now that she and Teresa are bosom buds once more.

“Let me be clear, I am not trying to re-write history. Believe me, I KNOW who was involved in the events that happened at the fashion show five years ago and no matter what any of them say, none of their hands were clean.”

Still, Melissa has decided to wipe her memory of the past so that she can move on.

“It doesn’t matter to me anymore. Jacqueline…has to throw in our face one of the most sensitive issues Teresa and I had. Her crazy outbursts don’t come from hurt, they are calculated and meant to cause problems.”

I’ve always had the sense that Jac may be many things — impulsive, easily manipulated, a shit stirrer — but I don’t think she’s calculated. She’s too hotheaded.

“I asked Jacqueline what I ever did to her to warrant such a vile attack and she wouldn’t answer me either. She wants me to back her up because she “backed me up,” but her “support” was never genuine or for me. It’s more important for her to prove…that Teresa is a horrible person.”

That’s not exactly tough to prove, is it? Season after season, we’ve seen Teresa trashing other people and never taking accountability for any of it.

“Speaking of horrible people, look at how quick she is to pick up the phone to call Kim D. She is the one who is bringing her around the group this time, not Teresa.”

This was the end for Melissa. She’s now done with Jac.

“That night in Vermont confirmed for me that Jacqueline is a sh–ty friend, completely unstable, and someone that NEVER had an interest in helping our family or being my friend.”

So, what’s your take? Was Jacqueline a true friend to Melissa or did she merely want an ally against Teresa? And was Jac complicit in Strippergate?


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