Kelly Dodd Reveals She Knows Shannon Beador’s ‘Horrible’ Marriage Secret

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Kelly Dodd Regrets Critizing Her Husband & Admits To Having No Filter

Is there or isn’t there a secret about Shannon Beador and her marriage? Vicki Gunvalson is making the claim that she has a secret and will let it out of the box she’s been storing it in before The Real Housewives of Orange County comes to an end this season.

Kelly Dodd says she was told this secret by Vicki and found it to be “horrible.” At first Shannon said there were no secrets and this was an empty threat, but now she’s saying the secret is a “disgusting” lie. Kelly wrote in her Bravo blog.

Vicki escalated the situation when she threatened to reveal the secret Shannon had confided in her. Although, by now, it isn’t much of a secret because Vicki had already told me. You’ll have to stay tuned to see how bringing up Shannon’s secret makes things spiral out of control.”

Shannon now regrets trying to befriend Vicki at the book launch party and tweeted about it Monday night. “Had I known Vicki was threatening me with more of her lies, I never would have made an effort with her at Heather’s party.”

In another tweet Shannon accuses Vicki of trying to destroy her family after a viewer told her that is was hard watching Shannon teach her children to be “unforgiving and hateful.”

Shannon says she will never trust Vicki again after this season. Tell us what you think. Do you think this secret about Shannon’s marriage with be a shocker or a dud?


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