Teresa Giudice Says Jacqueline Hit Below the Belt! ‘She Got Vicious With Me & Melissa’

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Poor Teresa Giudice has had enough, you guys. Seriously. First, she was away at camp, and then Jacqueline Laurita was mean to her. Now, take out your hankies and mop up those tears of sympathy. Oh, how I kid.

Once more, on her Real Housewives of New Jersey blog, Teresa is angry that Jacqueline brought up the past and takes zero responsibility for her broken friendship with Jac. Of course, Jac did act like a maniac, but hey, Teresa hasn’t exactly been sane for the past six years, am I right?

“You know the saying — Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

Well, that’s how I feel after everything that happened with Jacqueline on this episode. I really thought we were on the right path as friends, until that screwed up dinner.”

I really think Jacqueline was stupidly looking for a little validation from her friends. And when she didn’t get it, she went ballistic.

“Once again, when Jacqueline didn’t like the way things were going, she got really vicious and went right for the jugular with me and with Melissa. She didn’t like that Melissa didn’t take her side, so she hit way below the belt… Who acts like that?”

Um, you do Teresa. And we have lots of episodes to prove it.

Siggy (who is clearly not used to Jersey-style arguments!) told Jacqueline afterward that she had never seen her act like that and that that wasn’t the real her. I hate to break it to everyone, but guys — you did get to see the real Jacqueline at that dinner.”

Jacqueline sought a little backup from Melissa, too. Sorry, Jac. Melissa is firmly entrenched on Teresa’s side now. Wait until they fall out again. Then you’ll have her support.

“What I really didn’t like is that Jacqueline dredged up painful memories of things that happened a long time ago that took years to mend. What kind of friend does that?”

Again, Teresa. You do.

“I felt bad that Siggy was so upset. And for Dolores to get mad the way she did, I knew she was beyond her breaking point, too… I am betting that Jacqueline made them feel guilty that they didn’t have her back and leave the restaurant with her.”

I think Chris, one of the most level-headed husbands in Housewifedom, said it best: Teresa and Melissa don’t give a shit about Jacqueline. Now that they’re back together, she’s a third wheel.

Next, Teresa plays the “poor me” card.

“I don’t think anyone really understands what I’ve gone through in this past year — and am still going through with my husband away. It has been really difficult, to say the least… I’m a single mother to four daughters. I also help take care of my parents, who are elderly and whose health is fragile.”

Teresa is over Jacqueline. But let’s be honest—if they hadn’t been on the show together this year, I don’t think this temporary reunion would have even taken place.

“I’m not sure if Jacqueline and I can ever be friends again. Not after this. Jacqueline called Melissa phony but wow, Jacqueline sure didn’t seem like she wanted to work things out after this episode. That seems pretty phony to me. She has attacked me too many times over the years.”

On the last episode, Teresa even had the audacity to bring up Jacqueline’s broke friendship with Danielle Staub to prove her point. Are you kidding me?

“This was honestly one of our roughest episodes of all time — and that’s saying a lot! But one of the bright spots was how Melissa had my back…I do think that deep down, Jacqueline feels threatened by my relationship with Melissa…”

Maybe. Probably. But the truth is, Teresa is shitty friend—and not just because of her recent troubles. She’s always been that way. I don’t know why Jac wanted her back.

“When I broke down on the gondola ride, Melissa was really there for me, which I appreciate so much. I love her for that. She and my brother have had my back over and over.”

My question is: has Teresa ever been there for Melissa or anyone else? Ever?

So, what’s your take on this dysfunctional crew? Teresa promises there’s more drama to come, but at this point, I think everyone should go their separate ways and call it a life. Thoughts?


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