Yolanda Hadid Reveals Lyme Disease Prognosis After Incriminating Pics Surface

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Yolanda Hadid is on the mend — or maybe up to her old tricks.

The former star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gave an interview to People, sharing where her ongoing recovery from Lyme disease stands.

“I’m 80 percent better,” Yolanda said. “I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to eradicate everything from by body, but remission sounds really good.”

“I’m back on a vey extreme diet: no gluten, no dairy, no grains, no caffeine, no alcohol, no black tea and nothing that turns into sugar,” the ex-reality star claimed.

Fans will remember Yolanda swearing off all “toxic” beauty treatments, including hair dye and nail polish — making the sweeping statements on  camera. Yolanda lost the reality gig, and shifted her attention to #proudmommy fashion shows and Instagram pride. Her followers soon began to see refreshed blonde hair, a tightened face, and snazzy manicures.


Instagram also revealed that Yolanda’s latest vow to swear off junk food was a bogus one, with one photo telling the story—posted just a week before her interview with the mag.


Pita chips and candy were on the snack menu for a girls night — so much for her “very extreme diet.” 

“It’s boring,” Yolanda admitted. “But I would eat bark for a year if it would save my life. I would do anything.”

We have heard that “eat bark” line before — or perhaps candy and chips? There have been rumors floated that Yolanda might be jockeying for a spot on Real Housewives of New York — but evidently her Lyme reality lives — for now.


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