Sheree Whitfield Gives a Tour of Chateau Sheree for “All the Non-Believers”[VIDEO]

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Sheree Whitfield Gives a Tour of Chateau Sheree for "All the Non-Believers"

Foundations will rumble when the ninth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta launches, on November 6th.

Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore are set to throw down over their new homes, and Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor will compete in the spotlight, vying for the fabulosity title in Bravo’s Atlanta.

Bravo is giving us a rather cryptic preview of Sheree’s palace, with Sheree herself giving us “non-believers” a sneak peek of her new home.

“We are at Chateau Sheree. All the non-believers, here we go. Chateau Sheree does exist. I’m getting my landscaping together,” she shared. “I’m doing a lot of work on the inside. I mean, seriously, when you have 100,000-square feet it takes time.” So can we get a little taste of what’s inside, Sheree? “I know you guys are excited, I’m excited, too.”

The video takes a weird turn when Sheree squeals Come on in!” before slamming the door with a “Sike!”

Sheree and Kenya snarked at each other in the preview tease, with Kenya quipping, “My name is on my home. Your mother’s name is on Chateau Thelma.”

Viewers have seen Chateau Sheree since it was nothing more than a humble pile of dirt. However, Bravo did reveal the exterior of the giant house last season — so who are these imaginary “non-believers” out there? Who else is confused? Could an interior shot reveal an echoey emptiness or a barren  budgetary bust?

Kenya Moore needs to twirl on by and throw open the doors of her modern beauty and show off the renovation that viewers glimpsed last season. Cut the “sike” and give us the real deal — gorgeous glam, not puny plants!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta takes off November 6th.


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