’90 Day Fiance’ Season 4 Spoilers — Which Couples Make it Down the Aisle?

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'90 Day Fiance' Watch Teaser for New Season

The days are counting down on 90 Day Fiance, and fans are already anxious to know which couples make it to the altar — and which split and run for their lives. The fourth season of the international love-fest has been an odd one, and predicting the winners and losers — not always determined by a wedding ring — has been a challenge.   

Starcasm has done some sleuthing, and is reporting that at least three couples don’t make it down the aisle. Sources close to production combined with some online detective work revealed three sets of lovebirds who do not land in matrimonial bliss.

Nicole and Azan

No shocker here. Nicole and her Moroccan dreamboat appeared doomed from the start — in fact, Nicole and Azan probably never made it to the point of filing for a K-1 visa. TLC documented their first meeting, capturing the in-person interaction required to even file the paperwork. Sources told the outlet that Nicole’s better-half was not present at the Tell-All reunion taping, which went down in New York City, last weekend. Azan appears to be secure in his homeland, probably breathing a huge sigh of relief that he  dodged a lifetime of Nicole’s needy hugs.

90-day-fiance_Nicole and Azan

Jorge and Anfisa

Sources report that Jorge and his Insta-whore never hear wedding bells.  Jorge supposedly sent his Russian honey back home awhile ago, smashing her Kardashian-esque dreams. The diva and the pot-peddler were not meant to be, but Anfisa continues to tweet, and will likely keep the sexy social media pics coming, hoping to snag another loaded sucker. Congrats to Jorge, for thinking with his head and wallet, not his….heart.


Narkyia and Lowo

Viewers have yet to meet Narkyia’s Nigerian catfish, and will not see the better-late-than-never couple’s wedding. Reportedly, a delay could be the reason for the holdup, because although there is no evidence that prove that  Lowo is in the U.S,, there is also reason to believe that the couple has not officially separated. Is there hope for Narkyia and her fake Nigerian prince to make a go of it? Stay tuned!


The other Season 4 couples remain a mystery — with shady Chantel and mousy Matt, the TLC wild cards. Do you believe that Pedro and Alla have scored their green cards, and have tied the knot with their American dreams?


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