‘RHOC’ Meghan Edmonds Shares How Jim Edmonds Coped with the Loss of Their Baby

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 Meghan King Edmonds Shares How Jim Edmonds Coped with the Loss of Their Baby

This season has been a roller coaster ride for The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan Edmonds. The IVF journey she shared with viewers left her with many conflicting emotions. Meghan was thrilled to be pregnant. Devastated only one of the two babies survived. Depressed during her first trimester. And confused by fans’ backlash of her grief. But what about Jimmy? How’s he handling this journey?

Meghan recently spoke to the Daily Dish while in New York to convey how this journey has affected her husband, retired baseball player, Jim Edmonds.

“He was really sad and he was hopeful that maybe the doctor just missed the other baby,” Meghan explained. “So for the next two ultrasounds he was like, ‘Can you look for the other one?’ And it broke my heart, but we wanted our babies. We made the decision to put two embryos in there in hopes that we would have two babies.”

Meghan’s grief was not well received by a lot of viewers and this “shocked” her.

She received comments like, “’Why aren’t you just happy with your one?’ Or, ‘You’re selfish’ or ‘You’re ungrateful.’ And I was really shocked by those reactions. I think that people who have experienced any kind of loss can understand that doesn’t make them ungrateful for the other happy things that they have in their lives.”

Meghan found these comments to be insensitive and used the analogy of a car accident to help explain her feelings.

“If you were in a car accident with two of your kids and you lost one would you want people to say, ‘Well you should be happy you have one alive.’”

In the meantime, Meghan is “just taking it slow” but that’s been really hard for the reality star. Enter Coach Jimmy – sort of.

“How is Jimmy prepping me? Really? Not! He’s just like, ‘Oh, there’s going to be a lot of diapers.’ He doesn’t know anything,” Meghan revealed. “He’s played baseball [while] the last four kids [were growing up].” Adding, “But he’s actually looked at this stuff that I’ve done [research on] for labor and delivery, [so] that’s awesome.”


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