Bethenny Frankel Diss Kate Gosselin’s Parenting —Reveals The Reason She Keeps Her Daughter Off #RHONY

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Bethenny Frankel - rhony

Have you ever wondered why Bethenny Frankel stopped allowing her daughter, Bryn, to appear on The Real Housewives of New York

Bethenny recently revealed to People the reasons, and get this, she doesn’t blame her ex, Jason Hoppy. Bethenny says it’s just not “natural.”

“A child with a microphone on them, with a mic pack on them, is not really natural. That’s kind of like working. You have to be somewhere and you’ll have a microphone on you and it’s being filmed,” Bethenny explained. “You don’t know the effects of that later. If she were running through a sea and playing, that’s not something that I would be upset about. I mean, people take pictures of us sometimes on the street.” 

Another reason given by Bethenny has to do with not wanting six-year-old Bryn to end up like the kids on Kate Plus 8. Having tutors and supervision also “doesn’t sound natural” to Bethenny.

Bethenny’s philosophy has always been to keep Bryn away from anything “unnecessarily negative.” So how is Bryn doing post-divorce?

“She’s an amazing, amazing little girl. She’s so happy. She’s not really aware of what’s going on, which is great. I’m proud of that. It’s been by far the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through.” Bethenny said.


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