Teresa Giudice Outraged After Jacqueline Calls Her A Criminal: ‘I Don’t Consider Myself That’

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, and actress, Mindy Kaling, joined Andy Cohen. Foot soldier, Robyn Levy, and her wife, Christina, manned the bar.

Mindy loved tonight’s RHONJ episode.

“You thought all the drama was done at dinner, and when Siggy and Dolores were describing how upset she was, throwing the apples around the room…everyone is so theatrical.”

Andy showed clips of the rollercoaster Jacqueline and Teresa have been on this season as they’ve tried to repair their friendship. He seemed firmly on Teresa’s side as he referred to Jac as “Jacqueline and Hyde,” but he did wonder if Teresa was moved by seeing Jacqueline cry over their relationship.

“Yeah, it did. Like it was just moving me right now, like when we first saw each other for the first time. It’s sad. I don’t know how somebody switches like that. She wants a relationship with me, and then she…like Jekyll and Hyde. Did I say that right?”

When Jacqueline brought up Strippergate at dinner, Teresa said:

“Because she’s guilty of maybe a skeleton in her closet.”

Andy asked if Jac was once a stripper. Teresa added:

“You said it. Not me.”

Did Teresa change her opinion when she saw the fight between Jacqueline and Robyn?

“She [Jac] was asking for it.”

Mindy said:

“It had overtones. I didn’t know what to make of that. It was a little strange. It was very aggressive.”

Siggy Flicker seemed to make the fight all about her. Teresa thought it was “cute” to see Siggy’s tears, but Mindy had another opinion.

“I thought it was a lot. Has she been talking about this for five hours? It was like, an argument between her two friends’ friendship, and it was affecting her for six hours.”

Jacqueline referred to Teresa as a narcissistic psychopath. Teresa wasn’t bothered.

“I mean, come on. Think of another word.”

And did Melissa really have four nose jobs? Teresa said:

“Well, first of all, she broke the girl code. She didn’t have four nose jobs. She broke the girl code. I never heard that before, but Melissa told me even…I think Jacqueline knew she did. She broke the girl code. Get it? Like, you’re not supposed to spill the beans on your girlfriend. And it wasn’t four nose jobs.”

A viewer on Twitter called Teresa out for having a long memory when it comes to other people’s mistakes, but has a way of glossing over her own. Teresa looked confused and completely disagreed. And she thinks Jacqueline’s problem is jealousy now that she and Melissa are getting along.

“Yes — I could get more into it, because Jacqueline wanted Melissa to take her side, and when she didn’t, that’s when it all backfired. Right before I came home. This will all come out in the reunion.”

Andy asked if Robyn was resentful when she left Vermont?

“I felt like Teresa deserved to have a good time, even though it seemed like it was reversed. I really love her. And the truth is, I wanted to go for her to have fun.”

On being one of Teresa’s soldiers, Robyn said,

“She doesn’t need us to back her up. She’s strong on her own.”

We caught a sneak peek of RHONJ next week, and Kim D. and the Posche fashion show make a return. Kim makes insinuations that Joe was cheating while Teresa was away. Dolores Catania calls it a “miscommunication” and even Jac defends Teresa, by saying the marriage works for them. Teresa saw this clip for the first time.

“And it’s so funny, because she [Kim D.] wanted to meet with me this week. She’s like, we gotta talk. I saw Kim D. for myself.”

Why did Teresa refer to “criminal” as the c-word?

“I just don’t like…I don’t consider myself that, so I don’t even want to say that word.”

Joe has lost thirty pounds since he got locked up and is watching the show.

“He never watched it at home, and now he’s watching it there.”

Kim D. tweeted and her story was different from Teresa’s. She claimed Teresa is the one who wanted to meet up.

“No, I called her — not to meet — but to tell her she was right about that guy was working for Melissa, she did fire him. She [Kim] said, ‘We have to talk.’ Because we haven’t spoken.”

Andy’s mom texted him, wondering if Teresa had any face work done. Teresa denied it.

Tonight’s poll question asked if Melissa really had four nose jobs. 73% said yep — she whittled that sucker down.

Teresa said, “Come on. Four nose jobs? No.”

So, was Jacqueline attacked tonight at dinner or was she the aggressor? Should Melissa and Teresa have had her back?


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