‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Finale Recap [Part 1]

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Ofelia hits the kill zone, right at the border.  Her truck stops due to overheating, and small band of walkers sneak up on her.  Daniel taught her well.  Ofelia, 4  – walkers, O.  She grabs her supplies and takes off on foot, hoping to keep ahead of the much larger herd coming her way.  While she is walking in the daylight, we see Nick, sneaking off in the  middle of the night, leaving Luciana in bed, as he and Reynaldo steal drugs from the pharmacy to trade at the warehouse/market.  It is nearly daylight by the time they leave.  Travis is asleep on the sofa as Maddie watches over him from a nearby chair.  The woman who puts an entire community at risk to reclaim the son who rejects her in favor of living with cults tells Travis that his son is better off with people who understand him.  She is such an ass.  She took down the Abigail estate to protect her son.  Her advice to Travis it to get over his because he is better off.  It is Alicia who later apologizes, feeling as if she pushed Chris away.  He knows his son is sick, and apologizes to her for not believing or protecting her.  Seriously, does this guy realize that his first priority should have always been his son and feeling abandoned most likely made Chris’ bad situation worse? Chris was the unwanted stepchild in his father’s life.  He chose perfect strangers who felt more like family in the few days he’d known them – and they were budding sociopaths.

At the warehouse/market, Nick and Reynaldo approach, unaware that Marco is planning to take over the colonia.  Nick hands over the bag of drugs and tells Marco that he knows that they found them at the colonia and that from now on they will deliver every week on time, to be left alone.  Marco no longer cares, he and another drug dealer are planning to take over their fortress and their “sombras” army, telling Nick to take off, today, if he wants to live.  He tells Nick he doesn’t care what happens to his people, showing him the dead bodies of Francisco and his family – yes, including their little girl.  He tells Nick to run and tell the others to go or die.  At the hotel, things are  equally obnoxious with much less violence.  Chris’ buddies were in an accident and showed up the night before without him.  They are loud, obnoxious and making racist jokes – screaming for medical attention.  Alicia wants to get rid of them, but Maddie decides to confront them.  When she warns them to keep their voices down, Brandon tells her not to worry “these people” are docile.  Her response is, “Oh yeah, well I’m not”.  W.T. and F–K!  I have accepted the “ugly Americans in Mexico” bit (Maddie, taking over when Elena should clearly be the leader), but the writers not having her check those assclowns on the “Mexcrement” and “docile” comments is too much.  

As we learn, their truck rolled at least a dozen times.  Brandon has a dislocated shoulder.  Derek barely has a scratch.  Their “idiot” buddy, who was driving, didn’t make it.  Dare we hope they picked up someone else and Chris is alive?  Did they leave Chris to turn?  Hearing their names, and listening to them talk about being shocked that a 16 year old kid from L.A. didn’t have a license makes her realize that they are talking about Chris.  She runs to… STRAND for advice about what to do.  At the colonia, Alejandro is angry that Nick went to the warehouse, not thinking about the fact that they would have had zero warning, if he hadn’t.  As Luciana and the two men are talking in the clinic, one of the patients who died has turned and starts attacking, nearly biting Nick, savagely biting Alejandro when he saves Nick. The walker takes out two more people before Nick puts his fingers into the walker’s eyes, down into his brains.  Alejandro does not yet seem to be upset about the bite on his arm  We will see if he turns, this time.  Still on her journey, Ofelia crosses the border into the U.S. through a hole in a fence.  There are miles of desert ahead of her.  At the colonia, the chanting starts as Alejandro sends the bitten woman and man from the clinic into the pit to be fed upon by the walkers and join the sombras army.  Why is there no faith that they will avoid turning as Alejandro reportedly has?  At the hotel, Madison attempts to separate Brandon and Derek from the larger group by telling them they have to go somewhere else to have Brandon’s arm set.  Instead, it causes a near-riot as the other new visitors think that the racist Americans  are getting a room and medical attention. The crowd follows, screaming in anger, catching Travis’ attention.  He runs from the hotel to the gate demanding answers about Chris’ whereabouts, leaving Madison looking panic-stricken.

At the colonia, Nick wants to leave, Luciana wants to stay.  Alejandro interrupts the packing and confronts Nick, claiming that Nick is wrong – that he was not afraid of the bite.  Nick knows that Luciana won’t leave with him unless she knows the truth.  Alejandro is not immune, he admits it.  He was not bitten by the walkers, he was bitten by the boy he talked about earlier,  the drug addicted young man he tried to save.  People wanted to believe he was immune and he did nothing to stop them from believing.  Luciana is horrified that she and her brother told others Alejandro’s story. He admits that he was afraid of dying out there and was willing to allow others to believe in order to survive and build the community.  Nick doesn’t want to die for a fraud and when Marco’s men come, they will die.  Alejandro calls Luciana  his daughter, but it is not enough.  She is letting him go.  She is done with the lie but is not done with the colonia, refusing to leave with Nick. She is clinging to the faith that has kept her going and believes that they should all hold on to that faith.  Meanwhile, Ofelia is hunted in the desert by an older man in camouflage, who welcomes her to America.  Lordy, it doesn’t seem like a warm welcome.  At the hotel, Brandon asks to have his shoulder repaired before answering any questions.  Andres does the honors.  They bargain for a car to leave in once they tell their story.  Whoops, good-bye, Chris.

Apparently they were driving for days, avoiding banditos and other dangers.  Chris offered to drive, letting Brandon and Derek sleep in the truck bed (and we are to remember that Travis had just taught Chris how to drive). They think he fell asleep.  The truck crashed and flipped, with Chris’ head going through the windshield.  Travis is devastated and wants to know where his boy is.  They claim to have buried him by a tree after pulling him out.  Travis hears the inconsistency asking if Chris was thrown or pulled out like they claimed.  He locks himself in the room with them and beats the hell out of them until they confess.  Chris’ left leg was broken so they put a bullet in his head as he crawled down the road.  He was still human.  Travis breaks Brandon’s arm before beating him to a pulp.  Derek recovers from the beating he’s just taken, just long enough to crack Travis over the head and be beaten, again, when Travis gets up. This time, it looks like  Derek’s luck has run out.  As Brandon begs for what’s left of his life, Travis stomps his head in.  Every pacifist moment Travis ever experienced died in that room with Derek and Brandon.  Maddie watches on in horror.  Our last moments include watching a flashback of the two men walk by Chris’ draining body, and then back to real time, with Travis, squatting in a corner, covered in their blood. I don’t know what to think or feel – other than sympathy for the guy.  He knew that the last words his son would ever hear was “damn you, Chris”.  This was painful to watch.  It is a beautifully executed episode – no pun intended.


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