‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Finale Recap [Part 2]

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Travis is in a stupor and doesn’t notice the glass crashing around him.  Andres and Hector break a window to get inside the room (to help Oscar who was knocked out when the fighting began. The poor man is still unconscious). Strand is standing outside, looking on in disbelief.  Elena thinks Travis is crazy.  He is being rushed off to “hotel jail” by Hector and several other men. The irony is that he will be put out  because of the rule that Madison put into place.  Strand has to stop her from making matters worse by arguing with the group, as Travis is being led away.  Madison takes Alicia’s knife and goes to put Derek and Brandon down before they turn, getting to Brandon just as he reanimates.  At the colonia, Alejandro is fighting a fever and infection, as Luciana tends to him.  She doesn’t want the others to see him that way and lose their faith.  She makes up his face to hide the sweating. He admit that Nick is right, it is the end.  She says only for him, and wants him to lie to  everyone one more time before dying.  At the hotel, Madison admits she compromised them (not Travis, as Strand says) by lighting the hotel sign.  She states how she fought to save Elena and feels that she can talk to her about saving Travis.  Strand asks her to think about them, about Alicia before putting them at risk to save Travis.  Madison is consistent – what she wants is what matters.  Victor wants to let Travis to leave, on his own.  Alicia stands by her mother and wants to go with Travis, and for him to go with them.  Victor refuses to die for Travis or any of them and won’t go.  Elena allows them to go to Travis, and agrees to allow them to leave at dawn.  Madison goes to Travis to tell him the news, and against his objections, plans to wait the  night with him, reminding him that he can be alone, or with his family, before they all leave together, the next day.  

At the colonia, with his bags packed,  Luciana tells Nick, again, that she won’t leave and tells him to do what he does and run.  At the hotel, Hector is still very angry about Travis. He is even angrier  to see Alicia in the “operating room”, the place where Andres has to cut a hole in Oscar’s skull to help relieve the pressure, as his brother’s brain swells.  Alicia is asked to leave.  A week ago he was infatuated with her.  This day?  Hector can’t stand the sight of her.  At the colonia, feverish Alejandro rises to the occasion and gives a rousing speech about fighting and continuing on, they will not die. Nick, who is running off to save himself notices a helicopter in the distance.  There appears to be a possible military installation miles down the road.  At the hotel, Oscar’s surgery has begun and Travis is feeling zero remorse for his actions – doing what it took to kill Brandon and Derek.  Madison gives the “they had it coming” speech.  She tells him about Celia and killing her to protect Nick.  She tells him the world changed him, but she has been that way a long time.  She understands why he did what he did, and will understand when he does it again because they’ll have to.  She can face it if he’s with her.  He pledges to be there.  Neither of them knows that Oscar didn’t make it and that the angry his death created is bring the boil to the surface.

Hector, Andres, and another man break into Travis’ hotel room as he pleads that they not make Maddie and Alicia watch what is about to happen.  Seriously, he single-handedly took out three dudes and they thought it was a good idea to mess with him in front of people who have his back? Oy!  Hector and the henchman hold Travis.  Andres pulls a gun.  Before he can aim, Alicia puts a knife in Andres’ chest, causing him to shoot wildly and drop his gun. Hector attacks Alicia and is thrown off by Travis.  Someone grabs the gun and yells for everyone to leave the room.  It is Victor, who tells the trio they have to  run, immediately.  Victor watches, as Andres lies on the floor, but it is unclear if he is dead and turning. Did Victor leave him there?   Later, Victor watches as the trio climbs into one of the vans, taking all of the supplies they can carry.  He refuses to join them.   So thoughtful, our destroyers – they crash through the safety gates, leaving the hotel exposed.  At the colonia, Nick returns to tell Alejandro that his life is already over, but he is encouraging the others to fight, and they will die.  Alejandro wants to know where his people will go, and Nick tells him that they can go north, across the border, where there is a camp.  Nick tells Alejandro that he can be great until the end by allowing him and Luciana to lead his people, but that Alejandro has to let everyone go. He especially has to let go of  Luciana who believed in him because of his faith, not because of the believed immunity from the virus. She stays for  him and for the people.  Nick tells him  that he will die a beautiful death, just as he injects Alejandro with what appears to be heavy narcotics. Nick seems to envy the high Alejandro is experiencing.  What is making a bad night worse?  After they barely escape with their lives, Madison drags everyone back to the warehouse/market to look for Nick.  Alicia is horrified after Madison rifles through the body of Francisco and his family.  She tosses the bodies around looking for information.  Alicia realizes her mother is looking for Nick.

By morning, Marco and his men arrive at the colonia, heavily armed.  They clear the sombras, head to the bus and brag about the fact that their advice was taken, the compound has been cleared.  As they shoot off their guns in celebration, Alejandro, whose arm is bleeding, starts the bus and clears it from the gates, setting the walkers/sombras free to head into the compound – trapping Marco and his men inside.  Elsewhere, we see the colonia citizens covered in walker blood, making their way toward the camp Nick saw in the distance.  While Maddie was willing to risk Alicia and Travis’ lives for Nick, he has been creating a new life for himself and his new family.  At the colonia, Alicia notices the bus and its blinking lights with Alejandro inside.  She approaches it.  Maddie and Travis join her after traveling through the small city and seeing the hundreds of walkers, assuming that everyone is dead, including Nick.  Alicia is comforting Alejandro in his last moments.  He tells them where Nick is headed, but dies before he can tell her everything.  Nick and his new family make it to the border and see that the camp is a couple of hours walk away.  Before they can move forward, they are attacked by more men in camouflage who look as if they could be some sort of renegade border patrol.  They are vicious, stomping Nick and tossing Luciana aside.   This was a true, no-win situation for this group.  Die at home or walking toward what seemed like it could have been civilization.   As the small band is fighting for its life, Madison is giving Alejandro peace, by stopping him from turning.  Full circle?  This group destroyed a military base to save themselves, could they now be saved by another base or is something far more sinister going on, here?  The men seem to think that the small blood-covered band is a group of “bleeders”.  Does that mean walkers,  or are they simply referring to the wounded?  If it is the former, surely they realize that walkers don’t shoot back, right?  My money is on sinister motives, for now.

Both #TWD and #FTWD end with brute human force.  Who will survive? We will have to wait until next season to find out for #FTWD!  As for #TWD,  I may be the only one not looking forward to the new season.  I want someone to take Negan out in the first episode, and I know that won’t happen.  I am sickened by the thought of who we will lose, and the way we lose them.  The teasers for #TWD are already making me sad.


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