Melissa Gorga Says Jacqueline Is ‘Miserable’ She Reconciled With Teresa Giudice #RHONJ

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Melissa Gorga Accuses Jacqueline Laurita of Being 'Miserable' She Reconciled With Teresa Giudice

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I guess the only thing Melissa Gorga ever had in common with Jacqueline Laurita was their mutual hatred for Teresa Giudice. Now with Melissa back in the fold, she has little tolerance for Jacqueline.

“Hi everyone, it’s ME-lissa! I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. So our trip to Vermont was supposed to be fun and drama-free. Starting from the ride up there, which actually took over eight hours instead of five, I think it’s safe to say this wasn’t going to be either of those things.”

Jacqueline argued on Kathy and Rosie’s behalf during the trip, trying to get Teresa to understand her point. They still think there’s a chance that the family might reunite. But Melissa didn’t care about the cousins. She wanted to have a good time already.

“I’ve said it before and it’s becoming more apparent that Jacqueline is WAAAY too invested in everyone else’s business. She wants us all to believe her meddling “comes from a good place,” but honestly, good for who?”

But Melissa finally had enough when Jacqueline and Siggy Flicker pointed out that Melissa’s store manager sold stories to the tabloids — negative stories. About Teresa. Of course she heard the news from the notorious Kim D.

“I’m running a REAL business and the fact that anyone would expect me to terminate an employee based on her word is crazy! But that’s what I’m dealing with here.”

It wasn’t exactly based on “her word.” Melissa knew that he sold stories to the tabloids. And she seemed fine with it.

“If I’m now Teresa’s soldier, I guess Kim D. is Jacqueline’s… which is pretty sad to me because after all the claims that she was “helping” us get back together and be a family again, when it FINALLY does happen, she couldn’t be more MISERABLE.”

Melissa and Jacqueline have been at odds all season. And Melissa puts the blame firmly in Jac’s corner.

“I am a grown adult and am very capable of being friends with her and having a relationship with my sister-in-law even if the two of them are not getting along. This is all just an excuse for her to argue with me and then try to make it look like I’m at fault.”

Moving on, though Joe Gorga claimed to be a fantastic skier, he brought some much needed comic relief.

Joe always tells me he is a professional at every sport. I think skiing is definitely not on that list! He was hilarious trying to impress us with his skills. The whole time on that mountain I was just praying he wouldn’t break anything.”

The next episode looks crazy. So, what do you think? 


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