EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans Allegedly Paid To Promote FALSE Farrah Abraham Escort Rumor!

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Controversial Teen Mom OG star, Farrah Abraham, has come under fire after a shocking rumor surfaced, accusing her of teaming with off-and-on boyfriend, Simon Saran, as a professional escort.

AllAboutTheTea.Com spoke to Saran, who flatly denied the rumor. He also revealed where the reality lovebirds stand today.

“No, it’s not true,” Saran told AllAboutTheTea.Com, when asked about the escort/pimp relationship. Saran added, “Farrah and I are taking things slow right now, and are just friends at the moment.”

Saran’s denial makes sense, if you trace the rumor back to where it started. In fact, this accusation began as nothing more than a theory, posted by a random Reddit poster.

The poster, intrigued by the tweet posted by Saran, simply hypothesized a theory — nothing more. This person cited a background in the sex industry biz, and Saran’s tweet triggered the poster’s radar. However, the writer also reiterated that his/her opinion was just a theory.

“I could be completely wrong, but the immediate thing I thought was “She’s escorting, and he’s managing her.” Not to mention all of the traveling,” the post reads.

“Then again, I could just be projecting. I could be completely wrong, and they’re just having a weird Teen Mom $$$/fame-fueled off-and-on crazy fling,” repeats the poster.

The plot thickens, because the website that contrived the report has ties to Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans. Jenelle appears to be compensated for promoting the site’s articles — allegedly exposing her as a player promoting lies about a MTV colleague. Stories from the site in question clutter her Facebook page, with pieces featuring topics from the Kardashians to Vanderpump Rules to Brody Jenner’s Twitter habits. Jenelle is seemingly in the biz of selling her name for clicks, and that would include the bogus story about her MTV sis, Farrah Abraham. 

All About the Tea_Jenelle Evans Allegedly Paid To Promote FALSE Farrah Abraham Escort Rumor

The Reddit poster’s theory is an intriguing and intelligently presented one — but was clearly not meant to be reported as truth. It is backed by no evidence. A salacious story was snagged and contrived from a personal hunch — that was never meant to go further than a Reddit forum. The tawdry rumor scored Jenelle’s stamp of approval along the way.

Those MTV moms need to watch their backs.


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