Jacqueline Laurita Spills About Vermont Drama & Melissa Gorga’s Jealousy #RHONJ

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On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita has tried time and again to rekindle her friendship with Teresa Giudice. I’m not sure why. Teresa is no prize, and she’s certainly not a good friend, though she expects absolute loyalty from everyone around her. Nevertheless, things had been going pretty well for Jac and Teresa.

“Teresa and I had just had a night out with our husbands prior to Vermont. We had the best time.”

But once everyone climbed on the bus to Vermont, all that changed.

Teresa is a hypocrite when it comes to speaking about getting involved in family drama! I remember when Teresa was all involved in MY family business! How easily she forgets. I’m sure Caroline remembers.”

Teresa is a grudge holder. Prison, prayer, and yoga haven’t changed her character.

“I’ve learned that Teresa has selective memory where she only remembers what she feels people have done to her. She conveniently forgets what she has done to others. She also has a very hard time taking accountability for anything or genuinely forgiving anyone.”

Knowing that, why is Jac so desperate to keep her friendship with Teresa alive?

Teresa knows that I am good friends with her cousins, thanks to her, and that we are all part of the same group. We all hung out a lot together while Teresa was in prison, but when she came home it caused a divide among us because Teresa didn’t want to be around them. I don’t like leaving people out…”

Then you’re on the wrong show, honey. Because Teresa is the queen bee of RHONJ, and she has the final say. Even Melissa Gorga has figured that out.

“Unlike Melissa, the rest of us in our group were invested in their relationship because we care! We called Kathy and Rosie after their sit down because we care how they were feeling…Melissa was always calling me to ask for scoop, but not because she cared, obviously — it was because she was nosey. There’s a difference.”

Melissa has been trying to play it off like Jacqueline went hunting for Kim D. to add to the drama. Jac said that isn’t the case at all.

“The truth is, when Melissa heard Kim was in the picture, she got mad at me for it and blamed me. Meanwhile, Teresa stayed friends with Kim D. long after Strippergate and she was even at Teresa‘s house before you even saw me at her store with Siggy. Before Envy, Melissa herself was still shopping at Posche.”

During this season, Melissa insisted that Jacqueline is jealous that the Gorgas and Teresa have reunited.

“Her trying to say I was jealous of her and Teresa‘s relationship is just Melissa deflecting… On the spa trip, Melissa was just saying how jealous she was that Teresa and I were able to rekindle our friendship so easily and she never could.”

On the first night in Vermont, Jacqueline called Teresa’s friend, Robyn, a soldier. Things turned up after that comment. Robyn wanted to rage on Jac’s ass.

“It’s not that I felt threatened by her even though I was verbally threatened by her, it was more because I know she has a history of fighting people, and I’m not one to back down. I couldn’t help mocking her that night because I felt like she was acting so ridiculous and desperate.”

Jacqueline feels like Teresa wanted to come after her on that trip and used Robyn to do it.

“Nobody on that trip really cared for her [Robyn]. Teresa even said she was more Joe‘s friend than hers, so why was she there? Obviously to set me up and be Teresa‘s voice so she could keep her new zen persona.”

So, do you think Jacqueline was set up? Or did she orchestrate her own downfall with this crew? And why, why, are they arguing over Teresa like she’s the last piece of chocolate cake on the platter? I don’t get it. 


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