Captain Lee Says “Bye, Felicia” to Trevor — Shares His Thoughts On Trevor’s Dismissal

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Captain Lee Says "Bye, Felicia" to Trevor

On Below Deck, our favorite screw up, Trevor, has now departed. Sure, things are running smoother, but we’ll miss scenes of him picking his nose, telling us all how smart and talented he is, and drunkenly popping off to his boss. Trevor, we hardly knew you. But what we knew, we didn’t like.

On Captain Lee’s blog this week, he assesses everyone’s performance. And he doesn’t second guess himself about Trevor.

Trevor has finally got on my last good nerve. It appears that Trevor, our narcissistic hair model, has finally let his mouth write a check that his a– is incapable of cashing. Now keep in mind he got away with one when Emily didn’t turn him in for drinking on charter, and he still managed to screw this up.”

It’s clear Trevor has a problem with alcohol.

“He obviously can’t drink without stopping until he hits the bottom of the bottle. Sad commentary for someone his age. He is still blaming everyone for his bad misconduct… I could get specific about his bad behavior, but I don’t have the space in this blog to list all the infractions, besides, you saw it all yourself.”

After Trevor left, things still got a little hairy on the next charter, but the crew pulled together. For the most part.

“Now this charter is going to be a challenge I feel… And we have one person who doesn’t like anything and they want to start out with a 12-course tasting dinner. Not an easy thing to do and do well in a yacht galley with all the restrictions being placed on the chef.”

We all know how spazzy Ben can get when things aren’t perfect in the kitchen. Well…

“…the guests don’t have any idea of what it takes to prepare a 12-course meal, along with the time involved and in such a small space without much help. I did, however think you could have been a bit nicer or more diplomatic in dealing with Sierra.”

Poor Sierra. She was a frazzled mess by the night’s end. With that loony smile she wears 24/7, she’s a strange one. Still, the Captain thinks Ben should have handled her with a bit of tact.

“She was nervous, but I feel you were the catalyst for that. I do understand the pressure put on you, but you’re a pro, you should be able to handle it. She’s the rookie.”

Sure, it took Sierra approximately fourteen hours to make a salad, but A for effort, Crazy!

Sierra, I really keep trying to understand you, and the harder I try, the behinder I get. I don’t know if “behinder” is a word, but it’s my blog, so I’m going with it.”

And now, on to Kelley.

“I thought that you handled Trevor well, but I thought you spent too much time trying to reason with a drunk person. I know he hit a sore spot with his tasteless comments… you can’t argue or reason with people in that stae [sic]. Just ends up frustrating you like it did. Kind of like pissing into the wind, it usually gets messy.”

Nico and Kelly were both vying for Em’s attention. She’s a polite English girl, so she didn’t laugh in their faces. But the Captain… To Kelley, he said:

“Oh, and what’s with the sitting around with Em and Nico with your shirt off. Seriously? I almost fell out of my seat when you did that. You’re a bosun, not a peacock… Em, you did your usual great job this week. How does it feel to have two young bucks banging antlers over you?”

Hopefully, the charter guests won’t be as demanding next week. So, were you glad to see Trevor kicked off the boat? Or should he have had another chance, as Ben suggested?


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