Low Blow! Wendy Williams Shades Kenya Moore For Being Abandoned By Her Mother

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Wendy Williams crossed all sorts of emotional lines today, while dishing about the preview video of the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The clip reveals Kenya Moore sparring with Sheree Whitfield over their dueling Atlanta homes. “Chateau Sheree” was built from the ground up, and Kenya’s snazzy modern house, aka “more work needed manor,” underwent an extensive renovation.

“My name is on my home,” Kenya snarks during the preview clip. “Your mother’s name is on ‘Chateau Thelma.’”

Check out the explosive Season 9 trailer above.

Wendy Williams snagged that line, and went for the jugular, calling attention to Kenya’s non existent relationship with her mother.

Kenya dear, I love you,” Wendy said. “But the reason maybe that Sheree’s mom was able to be put on the mortgage, is because Sheree’s mom loves her, and opens the door when she comes over to her house.”

Press play to watch the disturbing clip below:


The comment referred back to a scene from last season, where Kenya attempted communication with her estranged mother, with Bravo cameras rolling. Kenya’s mother refused to open the door of her Detroit home, and face her own daughter.

Moore spoke openly about her sad reality with her mother on the Dr. Oz show in April.

“I was born to two teenage parents — they were 15 and 16-years-old at a time in the 70’s, where it was not accepted for a child to be born out-of-wedlock so my mother wanted to give me up for adoption. And I had the kindest grandmother in my father’s mother there could ever be and she begged my mother to let her have me. So at 3-days old, I was given to my grandmother to raise me but I was never allowed to visit my mother’s family or even to know them.”

Kenya spoke about how it has felt over the years, to live unacknowledged by her mother.

“Years later when I was, I was put in positions where I was in the presence of my mother but she choose to intentionally pretend that I wasn’t in the room,” shared Kenya. “So there would be family gatherings and I would be sitting in one corner and she might be 3-feet away from me and she did not acknowledge my presence in the room.”

Kenya told Dr. Oz about a pivotal moment in her life, when her mother actually spoke to her.   

“Til this day, I’ve only spoken to my mother once and that was at her father’s funeral, several years ago. And that was the first time she ever acknowledged that I was in her presence.”

“Hello, that’s it. Just hello.” Kenya responded, when asked what her mother said. 

Kenya adds: “For me that was monumental because she had never acknowledged I was born, or I existed, or I was 3-feet away from her, so to hear her say ‘hello’ it was shocking to me.”

Kenya fully admits to having abandonment issues, and viewers have witnessed the deep-seated sadness within the reality star, every time she shares her family story.

“I had to not only forgive my mother for the treatment that I received from her my entire life, but I had to forgive myself,” Kenya explained. “I can’t take the position of I’m judging her because I don’t really know her entire story. And for me to forgive her and to forgive myself, I am releasing myself from that bondage.”

To say that Wendy hit below the belt would be putting it mildly. Wendy’s remark was cruel — even in the cutthroat world of reality television. Kenya can take all the heat that being a reality diva brings — but a simple preview clip triggering such nasty shade is quite a pre-season shocker.

Real Housewives of Atlanta premiers November 6th, on Bravo.


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