Cussing, Pillow Toss & Walk Offs! ‘Real Housewives of Melbourne’ Season 3 Reunion Spoilers

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne wraps it’s third season on American television tonight, as the one and only reunion episode airs on Bravo. Here’s a peek of what will go down.

Rick and Gamble’s Wedding — Host, Alex Perry asks Gamble a couple of questions about married life, as the cast remembers the half sandy, half stormy event.

Diva Challenges

Gina’s interactions with the women are reviewed, and the rough patch in her friendship with Gamble is discussed. Chyka supposedly almost eye rolls into blackout, as the controversy surrounding the Celebrity Apprentice viewing party is addressed. Gina insists that she was telling the truth, before she points a finger at Bravo editing. Susie sticks up for Gina, citing the harrowing challenge of serving as a wedding officiant, while a hot television premiere is going down.

Snoozy Susie 

The newbie’s first season is rehashed, and Jackie’s prediction about Susie hitting it off with an American Jew is highlighted. We learn that Susie was invited to a wedding in LA back in June, and that  the groom is a Jewish music producer. Jackie and Susie gasp with delight — because this could only mean that a perfect dreamboat was waiting in the U.S. for Susie.

Lofty Lydia

The alleged pot stirrer of the season is raked over the Bravo coals next. The women take turns blasting Lydia for her super-shady season. Susie slams her extra hard, and Lydia gets peeved and begins hollering about being constantly tagged with blame. Bravo treats us to a series of snippets that reveal Lydia bossing around her housekeeper, Johanna, which horrifies the other women. We learn that Lydia scored Johanna from Susie, who now regrets sharing her with such a snotty slave driver. The rumor about Lydia canoodling with Shane Warne is addressed.

Petty Petti

Alex challenges Petti’s ego, and she defends herself and her all-natural beauty. The ladies bicker over Petti’s molded cheekbones, because such wonders could not occur naturally along with her weight loss. Chyka, Gamble, Jackie and Janet all take shots at Petti over various grievances, and Janet finishes her segment by flipping Petti the bird. Petti takes no responsibility for her actions.

The Walk Out

In an interesting twist, Alex is the one who stands up and walks off set, fed up with the women chattering over each other. He gives the ladies a stern lecture, through annoyed frustration.

Loose Lips Lyds

Lydia is taken to task for for spreading rumors, and not surprisingly, denies the allegations. One cast member calls Lydia a “dumb fat bitch,” which is followed by lots hysterical accusations and denials — the Bravo usual.

The show wraps in the predictable way — the ladies share what they have learned as well as their regrets.

Tune in tonight, as the dramatic festivities commence, at 9:00 pm ET on Bravo.


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