EXCLUSIVE: Sonja Morgan Confirms She’s Attending Luann de Lesseps’ NYE’s Wedding ‘No Man Will Come Between Us!’ #RHONY

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The Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan is turning up the heat on the Great White Way. The 2015 Bravo TV Award winner is set to make her stage debut in this fun romp on Saturday, October 1. 

In the 90-minute off-Broadway show, “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man” audiences will salivate over Sonja’s portrayal of Robyn, a demure, studious female who finds herself at a salacious meet-the-authors event-turned-sex tip seminar.

We find Robyn, the introverted moderator, at a local university event featuring a fictional version of author Dan Anderson (Grant MacDermott), who co-authored the titular book on which the play is based. Dan holds a sex tips seminar with the help of his hunky assistant Stefan (Michael Milton). Will the power of the sex tips be too titillating for Robyn to resist?

The reality TV star’s limited engagement runs from October 1st through October 22 at the 777 Theatre (777 Eighth Avenue, between 47th and 48th Streets). Written by Matt Murphy and based on the best-selling book by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman, the show – in its third smash year off-Broadway, is described as a “hilarious and wild ride where no topic is taboo and the insider tips come straight from the source: a gay man.”


I had the pleasure (pun-intended) of attending a recent press event where Sonja was joined onstage by Grant MacDermott (“Dan”) and Michael Milton (“Stefan”) to perform a scene from the show.  (It turns out that the entrepreneur and film producer is a master of physical comedy.) Sonja eventually traded her hot librarian outfit for a figure-hugging black cocktail dress during the curtain call.

The Caburlesque entertainer kicked off the press Q&A by talking about her passion for comedy — and sex.

“I’ve always said the only thing better than making people laugh is making them feel sexy. With this play, I get to do both. I have no doubt my New York stage debut promises to be a climactic affair!”

Sonja is a natural-born performer. What drives her as an actress? Sonja reacts.

“It’s all about making the audience happy and making them feel sexy.” 

Sonja has it all: sophistication, smarts, and beauty. When asked whether she might like to do a one-woman show in the future, Sonja told me, “I prefer to work as a team. Look at the Housewives.”

What are Sonja’s sex tips and romance advice?

“As long as I’m getting it I’m happy.” FYI the show’s publicists provided “stress bananas” to journalists and photographers. 

Which Real Housewife of New York could use some tips from the play?

“This [show] would be great for Luann [de Lesseps]. We start filming again soon and I got an invite to her bridal shower. I’m invited to the wedding too and no man will come between us.”

It’s comforting to know that the Countess and Lady Morgan are on good terms. There was an unmistakable fondness in Sonja’s voice and demeanor when she talked about the “Class with the Countess” author. Men may come and go, but girlfriends are forever.

Too, it appears that the battle over booze is no more. The alcohol brawl between Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan that kicked off late last year when Bethenny tried to block the new brand and trademark its name “Tipsy Girl” through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, presumably because it resembles her own hugely successful $100 million Skinnygirl brand, is done. (The bid was not accepted in court.) The Tipsy Girl feud appears O-V-E-R. “Bethenny [Frankel] and I are back on good footing,” the lifestyle expert notes.

Sonja did observe that Ramona Singer might be the beneficiary of some of the play’s sensual sex tips: 

“Ramona could loosen up a bit even though she acts like she’s dating. People could be a little more real.”

The jetsetter and mom of a teenage daughter, states that she looks forward to filming more of the hit Bravo show.

“Next season will be better because of the hypocrisy in Season 8.”

But her banishment from the Berkshires still doesn’t sit well with Sonja. Dorinda Medley’s decision not to invite Sonja to her Berkshires home has residual effects.  

“Dorinda disappointed me. She brought Jules on [the show] and then introduced Lu to Tom. She’s not been a friend.” With that said, Sonja understands that the dynamic and different personalities on the series “make for great TV.”

Matt Murphy, the producer and writer of “Sex Tips,” discusses the serendipitous casting of Sonja Morgan to play the role of Robyn:    

“Sex sells, and if it’s good people will come. I’ve been a fan of Sonja’s since she came on the show and she’s the fan favorite on the ‘Real Housewives.’ We just thought her fun, spunky personality was the perfect fit for our brand. She dove in headfirst. The fact that she’s just diving in so seamlessly, well, not everyone would do that. She has celebrity but she’s very willing to try new things. She’s incredibly easy to work with and she starts this Saturday.”

Go see the dazzling and magnetic Sonja Morgan in “Sex Tips” and don’t forget to grab your gavel, join the conversation, and let us know what you think of Sonja’s reflections on the past season of The Real Housewives of New York. Check out some exclusive pics from the special screening below.


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