‘Married to Medicine’ Season 4 Premieres Nov 6 — Watch Preview of The Drama HERE!

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Married to Medicine fans get ready!

They’ve been gone for some time, but the ladies of Married to Medicine are back! Season 4 is returning to Bravo and creator, executive producer, and star of the series, Mariah Huq, was cryptically missing from several episodes in season 3, but we have confirmation that Mariah is back to full-time cast member status. Mariah has been a fan favorite since season one, and was considered a breakout Bravo star. 

Lisa Nicole Cloud is returning and trying for a baby. Say what? Didn’t she have all kinds of messiness with her husband running around, cheating on her? Mmm-hmm. Guess the lovebirds have decided to fix their broken marriage with a baby. But will Lisa get to tickle Darren’s pickle? Not so fast.

Quad Webb-Lunceford is experiencing growing pains, but not the kind her husband wants. Dr. Gregory wants a baby. Chile, Quad just wants to do her thang. In the meantime, her brother, his girlfriend, and their baby move in to join the fun.

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Lorty, lorty, look who’s forty. Toya Bush-Harris. And she’s got a lot going in, y’all. Did you know the “Bitch, who owes $170,000 to the dams IRS?!” Quad the fraud has plenty to preach about when it come to that. But Toya is focused on starting a new business, despite their financial crisis.

Thankfully, Dr. Jackie “the voice of reason” is back, but she’s got marriage problems. Her husband is tired of doing all the compromising. The two separate this season, but she is there for her doctor bestie, Dr. Simone Whitmore as she attempts to help her find her missing and estranged father. In turn, Dr. Simone is there to help Dr. Jackie with her marriage woes.

Dr. Heavenly faces harsh criticism from her favorite daughter, Alaura, this season when she tells her mom she’s mean. Bless her heart! Plus, Dr. Heavenly gets transported by an ambulance and I don’t think it’s a dental emergency.

As AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively reported, the ladies “welcome” newcomer and friend, Genise Shelton, who replaces Jill after her scandalous divorce form her plastic surgeon husband last year. Genise is a mother of three, and is married to Dr. Courtney Shelton, who specializes in Internal Medicine. Genise is a jack of all trades. She’s a realtor, fitness model, fitness competitor, CEO of a medical transportation service, and owner of a hair extension company.

Check out the preview above and tune in to Married to Medicine on November 6.


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