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‘Below Deck’ Recap: Captain Lee Fires Trevor After The Crew’s Safety is Jeopardized

Recap by guest blogger J.R.


We start back with Ben and a very drunk Trevor still going at it. The rest of the crew sees something is brewing between them and have the good sense to leave before they do something to embarrass Captain Lee.

The cabs arrive and they all get in, Trevor slurring all the way. He says that Ben’s a douchebag when he’s drunk. But he’s emphasizing the wrong words. He’s saying it as, Ben is a douchebag when Ben is drunk, meaning that Ben is in the wrong. When really Ben is a douchebag when Trevor is drunk, meaning Ben is doing God’s work, and for that we are all grateful.


From there things really get heated, and fast. When arguing, the crew joke to just let Trevor be, they are in the presence of a former hair model, after all. But Trevor is not having it. He complains about having a PTSD marine as a boss, and talks about his ‘buddies that died’ in a way that is not only uncalled for, but also very uncomfortable to watch. It’s clear that this will be the final line he crosses to his finish back home, and I can already imagine the Captain handing him his plane ticket. Kelley is understandably furious, and tells Trevor that he’s not getting back on the boat so get a room in a hotel instead. He also tells him that he’s not a yachtie, he’s a joke, which was basically the stepdad way of saying “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.” Except he was mad. So really, it was closer to him saying “FU” while still being professional.


The next morning, the Captain can’t find his radio. Kate suggests that he uses Trevor’s since he’s not here anyway, which was a subtle as Trevor was last night when he…did anything really, so yeah, not at all. And so the Captain begins finding out about Trevor’s night. He wants to hear the whole story so he speaks with Kate, followed by Kelley, Lauren, Nico, and then Ben.  When Kate and Ben talk about it together, Kate says she thinks Trevor should be fired, while Ben thinks he should be given another chance. If we learned one thing from Below Deck: Mediterranean, it’s that Ben fully believes in second chances. But if we learned two things from Below Deck: Mediterranean, it’s that those chances usually don’t work out. Therefore, in the words of Kate, better to not wait for Trevor to kill someone.

Trevor comes back onboard and tells Kelley that he owes him an apology, but he wants to speak with the Captain first. He then goes on to tell Captain Lee the most ridiculous story — that last night happened because the crew found out that he was a hair model. Nothing to do with the fact that he was drunk, arrogant, sloppy, or rude — nope! He also said that when he speaks, the rest of the crew takes it as him being brash. Well he didn’t say they ‘undermined’ him so I believe that he’s at least sober during this conversation. Not that that matters, since the Captain already knows how he’s going to handle this. He calls for Kelley. Captain believes that once is an accident, twice is a pattern, and that there will undoubtedly be a third time. Agreed. He asks Trevor to pack his things and offer his apologies so he can at least leave on a good note.


Trevor actually believes that he’s the one who deserves an apology. That is some Rocky-level delusion right there. If he were to name ONE legit reason he deserves an apology, I will intern for Sonja Morgan for two weeks. He leaves without speaking to Nico at all, and Nico isn’t sure if that’s because Trevor’s embarrassed or a d*ck. A combination of both, I’m guessing.

But the crew is not worried about the setback of one less deckhand! They learn about their next group of charter guests. One guest doesn’t eat meat — chicken or pork. Chicken and pork are meat last time I checked so no real need to specify that. She also doesn’t eat seafood. Except fish. Which is seafood. Sigh. And finally, she does not eat: gluten, dairy, wheat, and her water must have a PH above 7.5. It sounds like that water is the only thing she consumes. So what’s the perfect activity for them? Obviously a 12-course dinner. It’s the one time I understood Ben’s upcoming frustration, since it’s not like he has a lot to work with. The guests also want to do a lot of water activities, which will be more challenging with one less deckhand, so everyone is in for a rough day.

Sierra offers to help right away. She used to be a caterer and loves juicing and other healthy lifestyle food options so she gives Ben some suggestions. Meanwhile, the deckhands are already struggling with the luggage. It’s going to be a long charter.


Kate immediately senses the guests are creepy, which I did not pick up on, but there has never been a time Kate has been wrong. The guests say things like — $3,000 is sewer money, but mean it. One guest told Emily he liked her smile before saying, “If something should happen to my wife….” I would love to know what he thought would be the ideal reaction to that. “Oh goody! Can’t wait for your wife to die so I can be with you, because that was charming.”

The guests have lunch and as they are eating, the hot tub Nico was supposed to drain overflows all over the deck. He calls for Kelley to come and help him, which he does without getting mad; it was a mistake. And it was the perfect time for the mistake to happen since the guests weren’t there to see it. After lunch, the guests enjoy the pool and jet skis before dinner. It’s probably the last of the fun you’ll see that night because dinner is a mess.


Ben is stressed. Sierra is stressed that Ben is stressed. Kate is stressed that Sierra is stressed that Ben is stressed. Kate hopes she didn’t just drop a bunny into the lion’s den. The plan is for the guests to all enjoy the first few plates together. Then when the meat plates start coming out, Carolina, the guest who only enjoys water, will have a salad (that Sierra will make) to hold her down until she can have what the other guests are eating again.

I live in NYC where everything is overpriced, but sometimes you really want a salad and you don’t want to make it. So you suck it up and buy one, go to eat it and think, “Wow I can’t believe I just spent $12 on this tiny bowl of salad.” Let me tell you, Sierra’s salad made me appreciate my small, overpriced bowl of lettuce, because nobody deserves a salad that big. Not even someone who only eats vegetables wants to eat a bowl of vegetables that big. It was so big and unappealing to the eyes that Carolina decided she actually wasn’t a vegetarian and ordered the conch that everyone else was having, even though it went against her only-fish seafood rule. But to be fair I don’t think she knows what conch is and that it went against her rule.


Carolina is insufferable. She doesn’t like what the other guests are eating, but she also doesn’t like her salad-from-hell option. I just want to serve her French fries and send her to bed. The other guests probably wouldn’t mind that option either because this dinner is dragging. When they finally receive dessert, it’s midnight. The guests all head to their rooms immediately after and Kate suddenly doesn’t hate the idea of 12-courses.

While the guests head to bed, Nico and Kelley are as well, but not before flirting with Emily. They’re both fighting for her attention, and she sees right through them. They’ve decided the battle to be with her is on. Keep that attitude up and they’ll be as creepy as the charter guests.

Lauren and Ben hug, they survived dinner! Sierra cries. Ben and Kate try and comfort her, to no avail, as she just keeps crying into next week…


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