‘She Kept Pushing Robyn’s Buttons!’ Teresa Giudice Blames Jacqueline Laurita For Fight With Robyn Levy

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Teresa Giudice Blames Jacqueline Laurita For Fight With Robyn Levy

Teresa Giudice knows how to pick ’em. Her friend, Robyn Levy, joined the trip to Vermont along with the rest of the ladies from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Robyn and her wife have an arrest record, which Jacqueline Laurita briefly mentioned in the latest episode. I guess that means Robyn will fit right in with the rest of the jailbirds on this show. But back to Vermont, Teresa maintains the trip went south from the jump.

“When I said yes to going to Vermont, I really thought it would be a relaxing trip. But all we had was drama… Before we went away, Jacqueline and I had made up and were getting along. I was happy about that. But everything that happened with her on this episode made me start to question her again.”

Did you, Teresa? Did you really think it would be a relaxing trip? Because I did not. 

“She started stirring the pot when she called Kathy and Rosie to find out what happened when we met to talk things over — with Siggy and Dolores sitting right there. Really? Why is she so interested in issues I am having with my family?”

First of all, why isn’t Teresa angry with Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker? They were butting their noses in, as well. Also, Jac is good friends with Kathy and Rosie, so she has an interest in mending the family feud. What’s so hard to understand?

“On our lonnnng bus ride to the spa, Jacqueline started going on and on about my meeting with Kathy and Rosie -– again! She said she didn’t think I was clear enough with them about the future of our relationship… She also got into it with Robyn on the bus ride…”

Yes, Jacqueline was annoying. But honestly, I think she’s forgotten how thick Teresa is. It seemed that Jac kept repeating herself over and over, trying to get point across to Teresa.

“Of course, the sh– hit the fan when Jacqueline called Robyn one of my “soldiers.” That’s ridiculous. She is a grown woman who can do and say whatever she likes… I think Jacqueline wants soldiers of her own and that’s why she said that.”

Things got heated at that point.

“So of course, Robyn got mad  and said she wanted to “rage” on Jacqueline‘s ass… When everyone came back inside, I tried to be the peacekeeper and tell everyone to just stop. I stayed calm when Jacqueline kept yelling for me to take the garbage out, meaning Robyn.”

Teresa concedes that Robyn was out of line, but:

“…Jacqueline didn’t stop either. She just kept pushing Robyn‘s buttons. All I can say is that I saw sides of Jacqueline that I never have before, which makes me wonder if I even know who she really is.”

Really? After fifteen years, you don’t know who she is? Jacqueline’s a woman who can’t let things go. I’ve only watched the show, but I know that much.

“On a happier note, I loved watching Joe with the girls while I was away. (Although I wasn’t happy that Milania said she was going to kick her dad “where the sun don’t shine.” Where does she get this stuff?)”

Hmm. I wonder.

So, was Jacqueline out of line? After seeing the clips for next week’s show, it looks like the friendship is over for good. Or am I wrong? Will Teresa and Jacqueline make up again?


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