Ryan Lochte Gives Up On ‘DWTS’ Amid Feud With Dance Partner

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Are  and Cheryl Burke about to get the dancing boot? Sources say Lochte is not quitting, but the other contestants on Dancing With the Stars are hoping they get cut. Season 23 has been filled with drama, beginning with angry protestors charging the stage, upset that Lochte was chosen to be on the reality show after lying to officials about the robbery during the Rio Olympics. If that weren’t bad enough, Radar is reporting that the dancing duo are not getting along.

“Ryan and Cheryl have been fighting because it seems like Ryan is not putting in the same effort that Cheryl is.” Adding, “It is almost as if he seems defeated already. Like he’s given up.”

Reportedly Lochte wanted to quit the show, but Cheryl talked him out of it. Whether this is true or not, Cheryl has a lot riding on this season, too. She left DWTS to pursue another project, a reality show for NBC that “flopped.” With nothing else going on, Cheryl decided to dust off her dancing shoes and return to the show that made her somewhat famous.

“The only thing Cheryl wants right now is to win, because she feels that this is the only way she can redeem herself.”

But she can’t do it alone and unfortunately Lochte isn’t as good at dancing as he is at swimming.

“The two of them together are just sad and they are so desperate to stay relevant,” the insider revealed. “It’s already gotten to the point where a lot of people in the cast are just hoping that they will get cut.”

Tell us what you think. Are you ready for Ryan Lochte to throw in the wet towel?


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