#RHOC Meghan Edmonds Blasts Critics For Undermining Her Loss Of ‘Baby Boy’

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Meghan Edmonds

Meghan Edmonds had an emotional week on the Real Housewives of Orange County. After being implanted with two embryos, she was hoping for twins.

“As expected, everyone has had different views and opinions on how I reacted to the news of just one baby instead of two, but knowing that two genetically perfect embryos were transferred and only one survived was really hard for me. Of course I am beyond excited and grateful for my baby girl to arrive in a couple months, but the loss of (what I now know was) the boy felt – and was and is – so real.”

Jim accompanied Meghan for her sonogram. As she cried over the loss of her second baby, he held and comforted her. It was a poignant moment, and it was nice to see Jim’s caring side.

“…please don’t undermine my pain because I still lost my baby boy, no matter how early. I was overwhelmed with emotions and Jim was, too. He was so upset. Even at the next appointment, he asked them to please look again for our other baby – it broke my heart. I’d wake up crying and fall asleep crying and we had to take some time to grieve.”

During the emotional time, Meghan also had a store to open. Jim’s Candles and Curiosities—or something like that.

“I’m excited for everyone to see the opening of K.Hall Designs… It’s also been great to see some of the ladies wearing my Hashtag Hats throughout the season. Thanks Tamra and Kelly! The #classyaf and #coolmom hats are perfect for you both!”

Meghan missed out on Shannon Beador’s mother-in-law trouble last week, but takes a moment to speak on it.

“…after watching Shannon’s mother-in-law at the bar, and then this week, hearing that her in-laws welcomed David’s mistress into their home, I really feel for Shannon. For his family to entertain the mistress is so uncouth and disrespectful…”

So, do you think Jim’s candle business will be a hit or a miss? He’s not actually expecting Meghan to run the store is he? She’s going to be busy with that baby and practicing her investigative skills on the side.


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