Shannon Beador Says Vicki Gunvalson Is Cruel & Embellished Details About David’s Affair

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On the Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador, is leaving her mammoth manse and downgrading to a dated rental — with a spectacular view of the bayside. She’s leaving behind hospital grade air for the fresh, cool breezes streaming through those massive glass windows. Not too bad of a trade, if you ask me.

“It was very emotional to watch our last minutes in our home! We spent five years building it and five years living in it… My feelings are conflicted. I was sad to leave, yet excited to move on. It’s interesting. I cried non-stop as we drove away from the house…”

Seeing her new home filled with unpacked boxes overwhelmed her. She and David couldn’t find the hooch fast enough.

“I love that Sophie was quoting the effects of alcohol as we tried to find ingredients to make a drink. We just needed to decompress for a minute.”

While Shannon was moving, the other ladies — minus Meghan Edmonds — were getting their spa on. As Vicki Gunvalson dipped her toe in the mud bath, she took time to sling some in Shannon’s direction.

“Honestly, Vicki is just plain cruel. She is taking this opportunity to embellish the truth to hurt me. Vicki has no idea if David was happier in his affair. My husband chose to renew our vows on his own and we are incredibly happy today. I have not had any in depth conversations with Vicki in a year and a half.”

Yes, but I believe Vicki — in this case. She was Shannon’s confidant until last season, and I’m sure Shannon shared a lot of secrets with her.

“She doesn’t know anyone in my circle of friends or Heather’s for that matter. We didn’t shove anything under a rug. It’s been two and a half years and we have definitely worked through a lot of hard times. Nice try though, Vicki. Sorry it didn’t work out the same for you.”

Well, I guess Vicki’s not the only one slinging mud.

While the other women were busy, Meghan got her ultrasound. For once, her husband, Jim, was by her side. It was a blow when she realized only one embryo implanted. Shannon can sympathize.

“…being the mother of twins, I can understand the devastation of losing one of the embryos. I loved seeing Jim comfort Meghan. They are an amazing couple!”

Over a date night dinner, Shannon and David talked about his mother’s inappropriate behavior.

“I feel incredibly loved when David defends me with his mother. At the same time, I don’t envy David’s position and do not want to be held responsible for destroying his relationship with his mother. It’s just a mess.”

If what Vicki said is true, and David’s family embraced his mistress, hearing those comments Donna made must be especially hurtful. I’d be feeling some type of way, too.

“I know I am not, but it still feels like a knife in the gut to hear such a statement. The fact that David’s mother made her comment two weeks after a vow renewal that David planned on his own is devastating to me. I hoped that maybe she would start to accept me once she understood the choices that David made.”

So what do you make of Shannon’s new (temporary) home? And will she and Vicki ever move on?


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