Melissa Gorga’s Boutique Manager, Derek Quits After Being EXPOSED For Selling Tabloid Stories About Teresa Giudice!

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Melissa Gorga's Boutique Manager, Derek Quits

Blast from the past, Kim DePaola, made an appearance on Sunday night’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and did not disappoint.

Kim accused Melissa Gorga’s clothing boutique manager, Derek Zagami, of spilling tea about Teresa Giudice to the tabloids. Derek had even bragged about hawking a video of Teresa demanding “cash only” at a Posche book signing, Kim alleged.

Melissa and Teresa are sisterly besties — or they play such on TV — so a Teresa rat being invited into Melissa’s labor of love might just expose motives unseen on this season of the Jersey franchise. In an interesting twist, Derek announced four days ago, that he was quitting his job at ENVY Boutique in Montclair, New Jersey.

Are fans supposed to believe that Derek’s exit, announced just three days before Kim’s claims hit the reality airwaves, to be a simple coincidence? Derek writes that his time at Envy had been “an incredible experience,” only disclosing that he is “moving on in his career.”

Jacqueline Laurita and Siggy Flicker told Melissa about Kim’s allegations later in the episode. Melissa brushed off the accusations, labeling Derek as your run-of-the-mill red carpet whore, whose interests lie elsewhere.

“Now she’s targeting my 21-year-old employee?” Melissa asked, describing  Kim D’s actions as trying to “scrape the bottom of the barrel to cause turmoil.”

Melissa also shifted the filmed discussion into a slam-fest against Kim, noting that the reality alum had a a history of spreading scandalous rumors.

In real time, Melissa supposedly was aware that Bravo was about to reveal Kim dropping the bomb about Derek. It’s a known fact that Bravolebs receive an early copy of the week’s episode prior to the show airing, and coincidentally — Derek announces his departure from the world of Bravo-hyped retail. Derek loves red carpets, Melissa said — making an exit from potential appearances in the reality spotlight, a curious choice.

The timing of Derek’s exit should be raising eyebrows across reality and social media lines. Even the cast “relationship expert,” warned Melissa to tread carefully, when choosing to trust Derek.

So what do you think? Coincidental exit — or was Derek brought aboard for his shady snitching skills, long before Melissa caught wind that Teresa was being written as her new bestie for life? Share your thoughts in the comments! 


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