’90 Day Fiance’ Star Jorge’s Criminal Secret Preventing Him From Renting An Apartment EXPOSED!

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'90 Day Fiance' Star Jorge's Criminal Secret Preventing Him From Renting An Apartment EXPOSED

A new season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance has taken off, and personal secrets hidden within the cast are slowly being uncovered. Nicole admitted to cheating on her online love, Azan, and on spinoff series, Happily Ever After — Loren revealed that she was suffering from Tourette syndrome. What other secrets are yet to be revealed?

Jorge and Anfisa are one of the more controversial couples of the new season, and in a sneak peek preview, Jorge reveals that a criminal record is the dark secret that he has been hiding from his Russian honey. Anfisa, tired of hotel living, has been demanding an apartment, and Jorge has been pointing to a secret roadblock thwarting his ability to rent a place.

“It’s difficult for me to get an apartment because every apartment asks if I have been convicted of a felony,” Jorge reveals. “I have a criminal background.”

“I told you that I work in the medical marijuana industry — when I started, it wasn’t as legal,” Jorge explains to Anfisa. “I got in trouble. I went to jail for a few days. But it’s not really a violent crime or anything like that.”

“I was arrested at 21,” Jorge explains. “I ended up pleading to a deal, and I was stuck with a felony for cultivating marijuana.”

Jorge explains to Anfisa that the laws have changed, and permits now allow for legal cultivation of medical marijuana. Jorge also tells her that he was hoping that she would never find out that her true love is a felon.

“If he didn’t tell me before, I wonder what else he has to hide?” Anfisa tells the cameras. “I came halfway across the world to be with Jorge. But now I feel like I don’t really know him.”

Anfisa does have an intimate relationship with Jorge’s wallet — so there isn’t much chance that a tiny felony will come between this gold digger and her American dream. 

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