‘She’s Very Self-Serving’ Jacqueline Laurita Blasts Melissa Gorga As Their Feud Heats Up!

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Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happens Live, welcomed The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita and actor, Mark Consuelos to the clubhouse.

Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashlee, welcomed a new son into the family, Cameron Hendrix Malleo. Jac is thrilled and insists on being called “Glamma” instead of Grandma. Jacqueline said, “She [Ashlee] is the best mother.”

When Michael Rapaport was on WWHL a few weeks ago, he called Jacqueline “vicious.” She responded:

“I’m glad he’s such a fan of the show, and I hope he keeps watching and supporting the show. And I think all of us have been vicious on the show at one point or another. And Michael, I think you’ve been a little vicious yourself.”

Andy showed clips from tonight’s episode, where they women (along with Joe Gorga and Chris Laurita) took a bus from Jersey to Vermont. Jacqueline kept insisting that Teresa’s cousins, Kathy and Rosie, thought there was hope to reunite their family. Teresa argued that the cousins understood the door for reconciliation was firmly shut.

Jac accused Teresa’s friend, Robyn Levy, of being a soldier for Teresa. Robyn became angry. She and Jac exchanged heated words. Now, Jacqueline gives the status on the other women, and whether they back blindly follow Teresa’s orders. Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania are “neutral.” Dina Manzo is Teresa’s friend, but not part of the army. Melissa Gorga, however, is a soldier.

A sneak peek of next week’s episode shows Jacqueline getting angry at dinner. She stands up and shouts at Melissa and TeresaJacqueline explained:

“…I got my period that morning.”

A caller asked if Jacqueline really wants to be friends with Teresa because her actions this season seem to contradict her words.

“I want a sincere, genuine relationship with Teresa. But things were happening, you don’t always see everything that’s being filmed, and there’s things she would do and say with her actions that showed me she wasn’t really sincere about it. It was more for camera. So, that would upset me.”

Another viewer thought the Rosie and Kathy situation had nothing to do with Jacqueline, and that she instigated a lot of fights this year.

“First of all, if it was my family in the group, we’d be all talking about them. To me, there’s nothing malicious or mean about trying to connect people together. I did the same thing when Melissa was on the outs to try and bring their family together. Why wouldn’t I do the same for Kathy and Rosie? I love them so much. I felt so bad for them because they were kind of pushed on the out, and all Siggy and I wanted was to bring everyone together for once, united at the same time.”

Mark pointed out:

“But that wasn’t what was happening at that table when you were yelling at everybody.”

Jac said, “No, that was before that.”

So, what really happened between Caroline and Dina Manzo? And will they ever be on speaking terms again? Jac didn’t give any concrete reasons for the split.

“I never say never. Everything goes in cycles. People always say never, never, never, and then it happens. So, I don’t really know.”

Jacqueline has made peace with Dina, though they haven’t recently seen or spoken to each other. And Jac hasn’t talked to Danielle Staub in seven years.

“…but she’s still talking about me.”

Mark is starring in a new show, Pitch, about the first woman to make it as a major league pitcher. Andy also wanted to know about his friendship with Nick Jonas. Mark said they talk about “guy stuff.”

Next was a rousing game of Bravowood Squares. Jacqueline quickly trounced Mark with her Real Housewives knowledge.

On tonight’s RHONJ episode, Robyn talked about “raging” on Jac’s ass. Jac hopped out of her chair and plopped down on Robyn’s lap. Andy wondered what was going through her mind at that moment.

“She wanted to rage all over it, and I didn’t know what that meant. So, I wanted to see what that was. So, I handed her my ass on a silver platter to see how she would rage on it. Because of her threats, and I know myself, I don’t back down, as you see in that episode…she’d just gotten arrested for fighting this year. I know I don’t back down. Bad combination.”

Another caller wondered why Teresa was really upset with Kathy and Rosie. Will they ever get back to a good place?

“She made it very clear no. But people say that, and then they end up back together. I guess they came on the show, she felt like…she said things about them. I didn’t see that. I saw them coming from a good place. And I don’t know, I don’t know why she can’t move forward.”

Does Melissa’s store, Envy, stand up against Kim D.’s store, Posche?

“They’re two completely different stores. They’re forty minutes from each other. They carry completely different lines. It’s a different client…I don’t think they’re in competition with each other. They both can be successful.”

Jacqueline then added:

“I call her MElissa, because she’s very self-serving.”

At the very end of the episode, Kim D. showed up with the Gay Shark. Andy insisted on a dance party.

So, who did you think started the argument in Vermont? Was Jacqueline to blame or did Robyn take things too far?


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