Gretchen Rossi Takes On Shannon Beador’s ‘Ego’— Shannon Calls Gretchen Obsessive!

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The battle for significance rages on, as Shannon Beador continues to duke it out on Twitter with Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Gretchen Rossi.

Gretchen stepped in to defend her friend and past reality sister, Lizzie Rovsek, and Shannon wasn’t having it. No one would argue that Gretchen’s “naked wasted” fame has faded, but Shannon’s Bravo-fed ego appears to be expanding just as rapidly.

Gretchen responded to a fan blasting her for stepping into the Twitter beef between Shannon and Lizzie.

Shannon pointed to Gretchen for what she viewed as an unfair interference. Gretchen fired back with a link to an explanation.

“@ShannonBeador don’t flatter yourself, I am simply responding to my fans with the questions they have for me. And yes you were nice to me then, so you can imagine my surprise when you were so cold to me on WWHL (even before we went on) when I had done nothing to you,” Gretchen wrote. “But it’s cool, I’m not mad at you. But I will defend my friend Lizzie because it was not cool of you to say “no one cares about her POV”. She has plenty of fans who do, and that was incredibly mean and arrogant to say.”

Shannon denied any sort of dealings with Gretchen, which invited a couple of fans to chime in.

Gretchen claimed to just be responding to her fans, not egging on Shannon.

It doesn’t take much to trigger Shannon Beador on social media, and while she tweeted that she was “done” with Gretchen, it didn’t stop her from retweeting fan snark aimed at the RHOC alum.

Shannon just can’t hit the “ignore” button, and allowed Lizzie and Gretchen to get under her skin. Shannon gifted the RHOC ghosts from the past with relevance — she just couldn’t resist.


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