’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Nicole Cheated on Azan?

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Family and friends continue to throw obstacles into the romantic mix, as 90 Day Fiance continues. Let’s catch up the the lovebirds.

Nicole and Azan

We rejoin the awkward couple, eating breakfast after spending the night in  separate rooms. Nicole reminds Azan that she is in heat and needs affirmation, 24/7, and Azan reminds us that his culture forbids affection, even from needy Americans. The couple is set to meet Azan’s family, as Nicole hints that something dramatic occurred in her past, that almost ended their online love affair. Nicole is excited to see Azan in his hometown, but is nervous about meeting his family. Azan is just hoping for the best. The family greets her warmly, and overwhelms Nicole with love. The kind group only speaks Arabic, which makes Nicole uncomfortably shy, and she leans into Azan so hard that she almost tips him over. We later witness Nicole rubbing sunscreen on her “Arabian prince’ on the beach, but Azan seems less than enthused, admitting that the couple has much to work out. Nicole agrees that they are culturally different and that their communication has been rough. Nicole discloses that she cheated on a guy back when Azan was just a face on a screen, and Nicole was not so “big a little bit.” Azan raises his  eyebrow, and calls such horrific behavior abnormal. Nicole describes the incident in careful language, which translates to a drunk one-nighter. Azan reveals that if his family finds out, he might just be able to squirm out of this slobbery nightmare.

Jorge and Anfisa

Anfisa is preparing to meet Jorge’s sister, Lourdes, and is pulling out her hottest dress and poutiest lips for the occasion. Anfisa hopes that Lourdes won’t be too nosy, as the couple joins her at an outdoor cafe. Lourdes tries not to cringe as she asks Anfisa questions about pursuing a career in America. Lourdes is skeptical about how Russians interpret modeling, especially because Anfisa’s Facebook photos are pretty whorey. Anfisa hopes to win over the family, and understands their concerns about foreign gold diggers pursuing their loaded loved one. Jorge claims a super hot connection, but Lourdes just can’t put her finger on the weird vibe. The lovebirds debrief the meeting later on, and acknowledge Jorge’s family’s concerns about the woman behind the hooker photos. Anfisa reminds him that her family is worried as well, but knows that Jorge’s wallet will make a warm kin substitute. 

Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are hitting Panama City Beach, FL for a sexy break from all of the nosy skeptics. The couple frolics in the surf, reliving their carefree, butt-grabbing beginning. TLC reminds us that Chantel’s brother is a big jerk-wad, and that her family doesn’t know that the couple is engaged. Pedro wants to tell the truth, and does seem to be a stand-up guy, who just isn’t fluent in English. The couple prepares to hit the town, but Pedro isn’t a fan of partying like a college lush. Chantel remarks that Pedro sold her a bill of goods, and has changed from a party animal to a sober snooze. Chantel gets wasted and grinds on strange men, and Pedro is not amused. Chantel slurs out her side to the cameras, and Pedro concludes that a plastered Chantel is the absolute worst. Pedro scolds her the next morning, and points out that she allows strange men to  paw her like a floozy when she’s drunk. Chantel blames him for buying her drinks, but Pedro draws the line, and demands that she cut the boozing, groping and grinding.   

Matt and Alla

We join Alla, who is stuck hosting the skeptical friend from Matt’s work—doubting Patrick—who is sick of loser Matt’s rotating wives. Matt is late for the dinner, and Patrick mouths off to Alla rudely, before his much nicer girlfriend apologizes for her buffoon of a boyfriend. Matt finally arrives, just as Patrick reveals that he will never behave any better than a rude jerk. During dinner, Patrick and his girlfriend ask Alla questions, and the woman  is supportive and kind. Later, Matt springs for a cheap date, and asks Alla if she’s comfortable being shaded in the U.S. Alla is homesick, and just wants to boogie her troubles away. Matt doesn’t want his foreign honey carousing in nightclubs, but Alla thinks that he should just trust her. Alla smacks him back with the fact that he is a three-time loser, and Matt admits to being skittish about being screwed over by cheating hussies.

Danielle/Mohamed Update

Mohamed meets up with his #1 groupie, Louisa, in South Carolina to embark on their Miami adventure. Louisa knows Mohamed’s Facebook profile well, and thinks that the reality foreigner could use a little blond  American know-how. The couple heads south, as Louisa basks in the reality spotlight. She believes that the couple has a ton in common, and that the universe may provide the ideal love canvas. The couple arrives in Miami to begin their life together as “roommates.” Their hotel room has one bed, and Mohamed graciously suggests that his pal Louisa sleep on the floor. Mohamed just wants a job and a place to live in peace, away from Danielle. Speaking of the ball and chain, back in Ohio Danielle discovers Mohamed’s whereabouts, and her friend Beth writes Mohamed off as a penis aiming man-whore. Danielle thinks that Mohamed used to be smitten, but now just wants money and beauty. Danielle and Beth go consult a lawyer, who advises her to either pursue a divorce or an annulment. Danielle wants him booted from the country, so she files for an annulment—the best way to send him back to Tunisia.

Which couples do you think will make it down the aisle? 


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