#RHONJ Thug! Robyn Levy Threatens To ‘Fuck Up’ & ‘Punch’ Jacqueline Laurita In The Face — EXCLUSIVE Details!

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The heavily leaked trip to Vermont takes off, on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

It’s snowy fun, due to Teresa Giudice’s probationary restrictions, and Robyn Levy finally gets her chance to turn up the drama in the Bravo spotlight. A preview of the Vermont drama reveals Robyn getting into it with Jacqueline Laurita, in the midst of an escalating argument. A Bravo insider spills the backstory on the pair’s relationship.

Robyn was brought on the show, just like the other new hires, to boost Teresa. Her footage proved to be boring, and much was cut,” dishes the insider. “She was meant to operate as just another  Teresa sidekick. Jacqueline actually reached out to Robyn when she heard that she had been cast, because they had met before, and were friendly. She wanted to welcome her to the group.”

The source reveals details about Robyn’s early days with Bravo, and spills about the newbie’s reality TV jitters.

Jacqueline tried to advise Robyn, and encouraged her to bring it on camera, while trying to keep the drama in perspective. Be vocal during filming, but keep it friendly off-camera — in a sort of  friendly war,” the source said. “Jacqueline tried to make her comfortable with the other ladies, and even set up a pre-filming get-together. Robyn declined, and never made an effort to meet  Siggy or Dolores either.”

Robyn was nervous, and decided right from the start to stick tight by Teresa,” the source revealed. “She believed that Teresa was calling the shots — even while she was in prison, and so she  wanted to be solidly on her side.”

Fast forward to the Vermont trip, and the thuggish “rage all over your ass” threat delivered by Robyn — directed at Jacqueline.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#3366ff”]”Robyn has gotten in trouble for fighting before. It made production nervous, so she was asked to leave after threatening Jacqueline,” says the source. “She actually threatened to rage on her ass,  f*ck her up, and punch her [Jacqueline]  in the face. Rosie has been heard saying that Robyn is always getting into fights.”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

However, Jacqueline was supposedly not afraid of Robyn’s thug act, says the insider.

Jacqueline playfully sits on Robyn’s lap, which sets Robyn off. Jacqueline did not seem to take Robyn’s threats seriously.”

Bravo allegedly disagreed and stepped in, to prevent a nasty catfight further polluting an already criminally stained landscape.

Catch the sordid Real Housewives of New Jersey fun tonight at 8:00 pm ET on Bravo .


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