‘RHOC’ Kelly Dodd Opens Up About Her Complicated Marriage ‘There’s Days Where I Want To Kill Him’

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She may be the rookie on the team this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but Kelly Dodd, has already said things that have shocked her cast-mates — especially about her marriage!

On an upcoming RHOC episode, Kelly Dodd, spills the tea about her unique and sometimes rocky marriage to Michael Dodd. And the reality diva wanted to set the record straight about any misconceptions seen on the Bravo hit series.

“I filed for legal separation, and met another guy. [We] got engaged, I filed for divorce, and then me and the other guy didn’t work out. I went back to my husband, stayed with my husband. This was three years ago…everything’s back on track,” Dodd told E! Online

Despite any past turbulence with Michael, Kelly says everything’s going well in the marriage today. Kelly explained where she is currently.

“We forgive each other. We have pretty good marriage now. I mean, we have ups and downs, like everybody. We try to deal with our problems head on. We’re still together. We’re happy. I mean, as happy as I can be. I mean, there’s days where I want to kill him or wish he’d die. Just kidding, no!”

Kelly says the couple have grown from the experience.

“We’ve both gotten older, wiser, a little bit more patient with each other. He realized it’s cheaper to keep her and I realize, you know, if you’re with one asshole, you might as well be with your asshole husband with a kid.”

Kelly should definitely NOT write their vows when it comes time for yet another struggling marriage to have a vow renewal ceremony on reality TV. Here’s Kelly’s hope for the future.

“I just hope for the best. I hope that we stay together. I don’t want to get divorced. He doesn’t want to get divorced.”


Tell us what you think. Will Kelly be asked to return to RHOC and will their marriage survive?


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