‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Star LeeAnne Locken Once Chased a Boyfriend With a Kitchen Knife!

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The Real Housewives of Dallas hasn’t officially been renewed for a second season but the drama has already started for two of these ladies from the lone star state.

Marie Reyes recently tweeted a screen shot of a 2008 police report in which LeeAnne Locken is accused of pulling a knife on her ex-boyfriend.

Marie Reyes Reveals LeeAnne Locken Once Chased a Boyfriend With a Kitchen Knife

According to Marie, RHOD Season 2 is in the works and she claims she was asked to return, but chose not to because Bravo and the producers can’t guarantee her safety.

The 2008 police report listed the offense as aggravated assault: Suspect hit the complainant and attempted to cut him with a kitchen knife.

The police report does not officially name LeeAnne – but here’s what allegedly went down. On December 14, 2008, after a night on the town, LeeAnne aand her then-boyfriend, Hubert Sebac, returned home and got into an argument — allegedly. LeeAnne chased him around with a kitchen knife, forcing Sebac to barricade in the bedroom — allegedly. LeeAnne then began stabbing the door. The 911 call is dispatched at 4:28 am.

This is where it gets weird. LeeAnne allegedly ran away and returned with sandpaper to smooth down the knife punctures in the door. I don’t know about y’all, but I’d be hard pressed to find sandpaper, let alone use it while my boyfriend is hiding in the bedroom, waiting for police to arrive and rescue him.

When the noise stopped, Sebac opened the door to see if LeeAnne had left, only she was hiding. LeeAnne popped out from the corner and slapped his face. Sebac locked himself back in the bedroom, and LeeAnne left the home, but not before slashing Sebac’s tires.

The Dallas Observer, contacted Sebac by Facebook for an interview. He replied, “O no that girl is crazy please tell me that my name isn’t going to be in the observer.”

Sebac eventually dropped the charges and LeeAnne denies the knife-incident occurred.

“If you look at that record you will see that the person who filed it said no prosecution, which means he recanted all of it,” LeeAnne has revealed about the case, adding, “So have I ever been in a relationship that got ugly and the person got completely dramatic? 100 percent. Sure. Have I ever gone at someone with a knife? No. That’s ridiculous.” Locken clarifies.

Tell us what you think. Is it ridiculous to think that LeeAnne would go after a boyfriend with a knife? And do you think there will be a RHOD season 2?


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