Teresa Giudice Questions Kathy & Rosie’s Motives To Reconcile—Claims They Never Reached Out Privately!

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Teresa Giudice Questions Kathy & Rosie's Motives To Reconcile

Teresa Giudice wants to clear a few things up in her Real Housewives of New Jersey blog. Like everything Teresa says, it smacks of revisionist history and leaves out any wrongdoing on her part.

“Sometimes in life you reach your breaking point, when you just can’t deal with something anymore. I am sad to say that’s what happened with me and my cousins.”

Kathy Wakile and her sister Rosie Pierri, met with cousin Teresa to repair their broken relationship. But Teresa has a long memory when it comes to other people’s mistakes while conveniently forgetting her own.

“Some people have said I came across as “cold” at my meeting with Kathy and Rosie, but they don’t know the whole story…People say they have been wondering why I have been able to make up with Joey and Melissa and even Jacqueline, but not Kathy and Rosie. There’s a lot more that has happened over the years than what you have seen on TV. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Trust me, that’s not all she’s going to say.

“…I want to say how grateful I am to my brother and sister-in-law for being there for me and for sticking up for me at Richie and Kathy‘s house. THAT is what family is supposed to do for you…not tear you down and disappear when life isn’t fun and games anymore.”

Is family supposed to bring your enemies onto a TV show to call you a stripper and make accusations about cheating on your husband? Because that’s how Teresa showed her loyalty to Joe and Melissa in the past.

“Seeing Joey stand up to Richie made me cry…So did Melissa. She stood up to everyone when she said she wasn’t going to get in the middle of this nonsense…Thank you, Melissa. Your being there for me means the world to me…”

Now Teresa breaks it down for us — giving the reason she’s held such a grudge against Kathy in particular.

“There’s a lot to it, but here is what I will tell you: Yes, Richie has had something to do with this. Over the years, he has always managed to put me down, make jokes at my expense or say really cutting things about me.”

And don’t forget Kathy had the nerve to come on Teresa’s show. That will never be forgotten!

“During the first two seasons I was on RHONJ, we talked about the show a lot. I was always telling them about what was going on with different ladies from the group. (Guess which ones?) So I was more than blown away when Andy — not Kathy — called me to tell me Kathy was coming on the show …I felt beyond betrayed.”

Kathy did throw some very ugly words in Teresa’s direction.

“Over the years, things got ugly between me, Rosie and Kathy, especially on the reunions. Yes, I said some things that were pretty harsh, and I am sorry for that. But when Kathy went after my parents the way she did, she crossed a line, a big line… ”

Fair enough. But Teresa has been holding a grudge against her aunt, as well.

“When Richie, Kathy, Rosie and their mother, my aunt, were talking about my legal troubles, Richie asked my aunt what she thought of it all…. Instead of saying she supported me no matter what or something like that, she said, “I always told my children, you do something wrong, you always pay for it. You can never get away with it.”

And what exactly is wrong with that? Should she have condoned Teresa’s fraudulent behavior?

“Here’s the icing on the cake: When I went away, I didn’t hear a peep from Kathy, Richie or Rosie. Nothing. Not a card. Not a letter. Not a call to Joe asking how he and the girls were doing. Whatever. I had bigger things to deal with.”

Now, that’s not true. From what we saw, Rosie and Joe texted and often saw each other. They may not have contacted Teresa, but Rosie did make an effort with Juicy.

“I had a limited amount of people I could include on my email list while I was away, so a lot of people in my life weren’t able to email me… Melissa wasn’t on my email list, but she still wrote to me. She found a way to make an effort… But Kathy and Rosie, my own family, never even made an attempt. That really hurt me deeply.”

I have to wonder if Teresa would have reached out to either of them if the roles had been reversed.

“And when I told Kathy and Rosie that I wanted to “cut the cancer out,” what I meant was that I want to get rid of any negativity that I can in my life. Maybe that wasn’t the best choice of words, but you know how I am…”

Oh, we know exactly how you are, Teresa.

“Here’s the bottom line with all of this: I have been to hell and back over the past few years, and with Joe being away, I am still dealing with a lot. But there’s only so much a person could take. I know we are family, but after a while I started to think, why do I have to subject myself to this… It makes me sad. Why do you think I broke down crying in Joey‘s car…”

Teresa wondered if Kathy and Rosie were there for screen time and nothing else.

“All of this made me question the sincerity of their intentions. They didn’t want to do anything to mend our friendship privately while I was away or after I came home, not even over the holidays.”

But Teresa assured us she will always “be there” for her family. Whatever that means.

“…I will always be there for them when it comes to Victoria and the health issues she has been facing. I was there when she first started dealing with this, and I will be there again.”

So do you feel satisfied as to why Teresa won’t forgive Kathy and Rosie, but gave the Gorgas and Jacqueline a pass? Should Kathy and Rosie have contacted her while she was in prison?


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