Fake Truce! Did Melissa Gorga Expose Bogus Friendship With Convict Sister-In-Law Teresa Giudice?

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Melissa Gorga, veered off script reality during her Sunday appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Melissa’s revamped bestie relationship with Teresa Giudice has been nailed as phony by viewers, and she may have just confirmed speculations. A viewer asked an on-point question, and Melissa was caught off-guard, and perhaps a bit too honest.

“Melissa, if you did not know Teresa, if she were not your sister-in-law, would you still be friendly with her, do you think you would have her as a friend?” the caller asked.

Melissa could not respond — which is actually the answer in itself. She even admitted that the question was a difficult one. It’s certainly safe to assume that Teresa would have welcomed an enthusiastic “Absolutely!”

Melissa also shared her take on Teresa’s issue with her cousins, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri. Melissa could have been describing herself, if playing nice wasn’t written in the Bravo script.

“I thinks she’s [Teresa] is stuck in a rut where she doesn’t feel it’s genuine,” Melissa said. “She feels it’s for reasons that aren’t real, and she can’t get past that.”

Viewers overwhelmingly reject the idea that Teresa and Melissa share a genuine friendship, and Melissa wrote the book on disingenuous. Melissa seems to think that she is selling it — but longtime fans know a con when they see it. If Melissa and Teresa are so close — why hesitate to confirm even the possibility of a non-reality TV friendship?

Melissa is a confident Bravo player — but the sisterly schtick she is hawking with Teresa is no more believable than her latest identity as a fierce businesswoman, or Joe’s as a crabby Mr. Mom. Melissa is seemingly “friends” with her sister-in-law for the spotlight and a paycheck — and the fans on social media agree. 


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