Jacqueline Laurita Was ‘Annoyed’ With Melissa Gorga’s ‘Insensitive’ Treatment of Kathy & Rosie

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On the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita has been trying to play the peacemaker between Teresa Giudice, Kathy Wakile, and Rosie. So far, she’s failed.

“Bottom line is that, at the time, I was so invested in our group unity because I felt we were all part of such a close group (read between the lines)… The thought of everybody getting along at the same time for ONCE really sounded great to me…”

When Teresa got out of the clink, she claimed to be a changed woman. Love. Light. Peace and forgiveness. Erm, turns out she’s pretty much the same old Teresa.

Teresa had claimed to have found God when she read the bible in prison and said she finally learned about forgiveness and that’s how she was able to forgive her sister-in-law and me, so I felt hopeful that she could also find it in her heart to forgive Kathy and Rosie like we had all forgiven Teresa for her wrongdoings.”

Oh, silly Jacqueline. Teresa would never admit to any wrongdoings.

Jacqueline and the very annoying Siggy Flicker, decided to intervene on Kathy and Rosie’s behalf. But when Melissa Gorga showed up, she slammed the brakes on the peace train.

“I have to say, what annoyed me most about that night at Kathy‘s house is how insensitive Melissa was toward the pain Kathy and Rosie were feeling at the time, especially when she used to vent to all of us about Teresa in the past and we would always listen, comfort her, and try to get things to a better place.”

Melissa claimed she didn’t want to be in the middle of the feud anymore, but Jacqueline told a different story. 

“Let’s get something straight…Kathy and Rosie were not talking badly about Teresa. They were expressing their hurt and frustration at Teresa being able to move forward with others and not them… By Siggy and I trying to encourage a conversation between Teresa and her cousins, it was only coming from a positive place. There was nothing malicious about trying to help others make peace…”

Jac remains hopeful that Teresa and her family can resolve their issues in the future.

“When I heard Teresa had a breakdown after talking to Kathy and Rosie and Teresa saying that her doors are always open, it showed me there’s still love there and one day it could possibly mend. Where there is hurt, there is love.”

Jacqueline and Teresa had a play date with their kids. For once, things went smoothly.

“Although all of Teresa’s kids were all so kind, patient and understanding with Nick, Milania, especially, blew my mind. She was such a little mommy to Nick. She took him right under her wing… It’s a side of Milania that I’ve always seen, but maybe you, as viewers, have not. She really does have a huge heart.”

But Teresa didn’t fully understand Nick’s challenges.

“…she said to me during that playdate, “Well, at least it’s not permanent” referring to his Autism. Although it is true that many children on the spectrum have recovered many skills once lost, currently there is no known cure for Autism.”

Next week, the women head to Vermont and things once more get derailed.

“The previews had me and my friends in belly laughs. Although things do become a lot more clear as to why certain people were invited on the trip, I guess some things/people never change.”

I don’t think Teresa will ever change, which makes me wonder why everyone is desperate to make up with her. She’s not exactly a stalwart pal. What’s your take?


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