Tamra Judge & Kelly Dodd Get Into Nasty Twitter Fight — Kids Dragged Into Mudslinging

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Tamra Judge & Kelly Dodd Get Into Nasty Twitter Fight — Kids Dragged Into Mudslinging

Tamra Judge continues to take social media digs at Kelly Dodd, as their intense feud turns nasty. Both stars have pointed to hardcore drama going down between them, and now things are getting personal with families being dragged into the melee. 

Tamra posted the following rant on Facebook after a fierce back and forth on Twitter with Kelly over a few days. Tamra’s Facebook rant references Kelly tweeting about her co-star’s 17-year old estranged daughter, who’s currently in the custody of Tamra‘s ex and does not speak to her. 


Tamra has a long history of feuding with her co-stars, so it’s no surprise the born-again Christian is butting heads with the newest RHOC addition.

The drama exploded when Kelly Dodd responded to a tweeter, “Sidney is 18 she is an adult ! And I said how would it feel if I contacted them? I never would because I’m not that low!”


Tamra responded that her daughter is 17 and threatened Dodd needs to “watch,” herself.


Fans called Tamra out for reaching  out to the girlfriend of Kelly‘s ex and Tamra responded.


Tamra accused Kelly of having a criminal past, which Dodd quickly shot down.


Tamra then tweeted she hopes Kelly‘s husband doesn’t divorce her.


A viewer reminded Tamra that she too once had martial issues.


Tamra claims she apologized to Kelly, I am assuming for reaching out to someone from Kelly‘s past.


Stay tuned as the drama heats up as the upcoming RHOC reunion looms.


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