Shannon Beador Attacks Her Mother-in-Law On Social Media After David Affair Bombshell!

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Shannon Beador’s mother-in-law, Donna, grabbed her moment in the spotlight, during the last episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Donna complained about her daughter-in-law to her Bravo co-stars, grabbing her big chance to publicly jab at the woman who stole away her baby boy. Not cool — but rather than shut down the chatter, Shannon is blowing it up on social media, using her reality fame to check her mother-in-law. 

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Shannon spoke out on Twitter, revealing that Donna spoke to her daughters before she dissed Shannon, on the night of the kiddie concert. Donna commented that Shannon “pushed” David into his “one mistake,” an extramarital affair. Shannon pushed her point by using the hashtag, #planned.

Some viewers believe that production had a hand in the drama, and many bashed Donna’s shady move. Shannon labeled Donna’s past behavior “manipulative,” during the episode, but wasted no time in jumping on the social media climate, to fire back at her children’s grandmother.

Shannon defended Tamra Judge for blurting out Donna’s insult, rather than waiting to disclose the hurtful comment. After all, it’s not in the Bravo playbook to save the tea, and spare the kids.   

Shannon featured and commented on a post made by a Facebook poster, who also claims a connection to Donna. 


Few would dispute the fact that Donna’s behavior was messy, but Shannon keeping the drama hot should be raising a few eyebrows. The fallout from David’s cheating heart lives on — and evidently it is a family affair.


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