‘Big Brother 18’ Finale Recap: Winner Revealed & Finale Results

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It’s been a very long Summer and we’ve made it to the finale. James, Nicole or Paul will walk out with 500k. Who will it be? Well, I’m not letting the cat out of the bag quite yet because I have a lot to cover.

Here kitty kitty! The first part of the final HOH comp is underway! Here’s how the comp is played: The houseguests have to chase a laser pointer to one of the stations (Kitty litter, food, couch etc) and hang on for dear life until the laser appears again. Basically, they have to chase their own tails. (Pun intended) After over an hour, Nicole can’t hang on any longer. Nicole falls and James follows. Coincidence? Paul won part 1 of the final HOH. By the way, I was TOTALLY annoyed with all the kitty sound effects.

HOH Part 2- Bring it on. Nicole and James wonder out into the backyard and discover a giant rollercoaster. But hang on. They won’t be riding the rollercoaster. Here’s how the comp goes: One at a time they will be called out into the backyard. Uncover the first clue for the game to begin. Then they have to make their way to the top of the rollercoaster. Choose the three evicted houseguests who match the clue. Place the houseguests’ pictures in the rollercoaster car and push them down the ramp. When the player thinks the roller coaster car is in the camera’s view they need to press the buzzer. But they have to do it at the right moment. The picture must include the three evicted houseguests and the 2 yellow bars on the rollercoaster car. If the photo is incorrect, the player has to make their way back through the line and start over. The houseguest with the fastest time wins part 2 and will face off with Paul for HOH Comp part 3. James finished in 19:06. Nicole finished in 7:24. Nicole won Part 2 of the final HOH comp.

It’s tradition to pull out the crusty Dr. Will from storage. Why? Well, he needs to facilitate a totally scripted jury house game chat about the final 3 houseguests. Dr. Will has to announce he’s a former player because they were probably babies when he played the first time and in elementary school when he returned for all stars. First, the jury members have to guess who they think the newest juror will be. Lots of guesses. Some guessed Paul. Others hoped Corey or Nicole. I guess the jurors should be happy. Corey joined them. He gives them a quick summary of his demise before they move on to debating the houseguests still in the game. It got heated at times. Michelle thought her eviction was completely personal for Nicole. Then she started crying. Natalie, of course, sticks up for her meal ticket…I mean boyfriend. Corey’s a big champ of Nicole’s game. Victor has his bromance Paul’s back. Some of them said James had a great social game. I guess “social game” is code for following Natalie around like a puppy and spending the Summer in bed. Zakiyah had great things to say about Paul’s game. She said he was just a great gamer all around. Some of them just couldn’t forgive Paul for some derogatory names he used in the heat of the moment. Da’vonne had no hate for Nicole as a player.  Will reminds them of their big decisions. 1-Come up with jury questions 2-Vote on the BB winner.

The time has arrived. Nicole and Paul faceoff for part 3. If you’ve watched previous seasons you know this is a tradition. Julie will read the beginning of statements made by the jury. Then she’ll give them an A or B choice. If they’re correct, they get a point. The player with the most points wins the final HOH and must choose who they want to sit next to them and face the inevitable jury questions. What I can say about this comp is neither of them knows much about the jurors. They get a lot of wrong answers. Paul wins the final HOH!

It was a big choice. Apparently, James made some kind of F2 deal with Nicole. She went running back to Paul and ratted James out. With that little tidbit of info, Paul sticks with loyalty. He decides to evict James. Nicole/Paul will face the jury inquisition.

James will face the Chenbot inquisition. It’s short. James makes all kinds of excuses for his laziness. You see, he got advice from Vanessa. Winning too many comps puts him on the radar. *Wink Wink Nod Nod* Apparently spending the summer in bed was his strategy from the beginning. He was depending on his social game. I admit, it worked for him. Look how far he made it.  He still believes he’ll live happily ever after with Natalie. Okay, we’ll go with that just to make the Jatalie fans happy. He’s not sure Paul made the right decision but he respects it. No hard feelings. James will be famous for about 15 minutes. After his time is up, people will forget all about him.

Play the music from those old western movies. The jurors will finally get a chance to question the final 2. Julie introduces and welcomes the jurors. Paulie did his a**hole walk. Okay, time to get down to business. One by one the jurors get a chance to ask their questions. Paul and Ellie Mae, I mean Nicole, get a chance to make their case. Their answers could cost them 450k. As they go down the line and ask their questions, it gave me hope. Maybe Paul has this in the bag. Nicole did help evict most of them, right? Paul’s answers are WAY better than Nicole’s. She stumbles on her answers quite a bit. Paul’s confident. One of the questions has to do with the derogatory name Paul used during his argument with Michelle. Others question just how much Nicole has done this Summer. They ask about her “biggest move.” Victor asks Nicole if she made her own choices or did she ride the boys’ coattails? Nicole names a few “moves” she had a part in. Oh yeah, she felt like she was the brains behind most of those big moves. Anywho, Nicole/Paul get a chance to make final pleas before the juror’s vote. Paul has this big, elaborate, well thought out speech. Nicole just rambles about all the “big moves” she made. Like when she convinced Paulie to go up as a pawn week 1. Newsflash! Nicole didn’t do most of the persuading. It was Frank and others who were in the room. Nicole just whined about how hard being HOH was.

The inquisition ends. That means it’s time to vote. Paul/Nicole will win either 500k or 50k. The jurors go up one by one and compliment Nicole/Paul. Well, except for Corey. He focuses on Nicole because her Ellie Mae costume makes her look so hot. Victor makes a cute little joke about winning his way back into the house.

Julie makes sure to introduce Glenn, Bronte, Frank, Jozea, and Tiffany. She doesn’t ask their opinions about the season. I guess they ran out of time. Looking good guys!

Time to end the season. I know, you’re probably thanking all the BB Gods like I am. Julie reveals the juror’s votes. Votes For Paul- James, Victor, Bridgette Votes For Nicole- Corey, Paulie, Natalie, Zakiyah and Da’vonne 

Nicole wins Big Brother 18!

Victor was voted America’s Favorite Player. He won 25k!

Now that his disappointment of a season is over, we can gear up for the next. An online version of Big Brother (Big Brother Over The Top) starts next week!


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