Bethenny Frankel Will Attend Luann de Lesseps Wedding For An Appearance Fee

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Bethenny Frankel won’t be attending the New Year’s Eve nuptials of frenemy, LuAnn de Lesseps’ unless she’s paid an appearance fee.

Though this comment was made tongue-and-cheek, Bethenny may be left out of the wedding-of-the-week if Bravo decides to film the event for season 9 of The Real Housewives of New York. As it stands right now, the two Housewives are not speaking.

“No, I haven’t strangled her and I haven’t spoken to her, so she’s still alive and I hope she is happily engaged. And no I haven’t spoken to her,” Bethenny told People.

Bethenny said LuAnn’s “bad behavior” didn’t surprise her this past season because she doesn’t expect much from her to begin with.

“I’m not really upset with her because I wasn’t really that surprised by her bad behavior,” Bethenny explained. “The truth is not Luann’s very good friend. So, I’m not really that surprised. I’m not angry. There have been people that I’ve been on the show with before that I was very angry at and was just like, ‘I can never speak to them again’ and I don’t feel like that with Luann because I just don’t expect that much from her.”

Unfortunately it’s a case of killing the messenger. Because Bethenny was the one who revealed LuAnn’s fiancé, Thomas D’Agostino, made out with another woman one day before their engagement party. Bethenny has become persona non grata.

“In the end, really, because I was the messenger and you know people want to kind of get the stain off of them and just throw it onto someone else. I presented something that represents the truth and Luann, like I said, isn’t a very good friend of the truth.”

That’s when Bethenny said she would attend the New Year’s Eve wedding under one condition.

“I would go to Luann’s for a very steep appearance fee,” Bethenny said. “I would gladly sponsor the wedding with alcohol. And I will gladly take – now because I’m sponsoring the wedding – a discounted appearance fee.”

Tell us what you think. Will the wedding happen? Will Bravo film it? And will Bethenny be forced to attend?


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