‘Little Women: LA’ Matt’s Sexting Scandal—Trans Model Plastic Martyr Speaks Out! Dick Pics, Sex With Men & Fetishes [EXCLUSIVE]

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Shortly after Little Women: LA star, Briana Renee, gave birth to her baby son with husband Matt Grundhoffer, a beautiful trans model revealed that Matt sent her unsolicited dirty messages — while his wife was pregnant!

AllAboutTheTea.com spoke EXCLUSIVELY to model, Plastic Martyr, and she spills the tea on Matt‘s dirty texts and photos. 

The stunning model filmed a scene with Renee‘s frenemy, Christy McGinity Gibel, exposing Matt for sending her naked photos and dirty messages over Instagram. “He sent me a couple of d*ck and butt pictures,” Martyr told All About the Tea. But the model maintains she rejected all his advances. “That’s when I stopped responding because it was uncomfortable. I tried to diffuse it and act dumb like I didn’t get the innuendo, but then I finally got it and stopped talking to him.” 

‘Little Women: LA’ Stars Matt & Briana Sexting Scandal—Trans Model Plastic Martyr Speaks OutPlastic Martyr

Martyr and Briana were friends before the scandal broke — even sharing the same publicist, Julie — giving Matt a window to make his moves on the model.

“Her [Briana Renee] and I would go to the same events — and we became friends. Then Matt wrote me on Instagram and started trying to say he wanted to meet me alone,” Martyr told All About the Tea.

The model was placed in an awkward position—  being friends with Briana — so she was apprehensive about revealing Matt‘s inappropriate behavior immediately. 

“I was uncomfortable — in an awkward position — so I sat on that for a long time. Then I found out Matt was doing that to other women, and then I came out on the show.  I didn’t know what to do regarding Briana because I didn’t want to tell her, but felt like I should.”

Martyr regrets coming on the show and placing “extra strain,” on the couple’s already fragile relationship.

“I do regret coming on the show because it put extra strain on her relationship with Matt, but the truth needed to get out there.”

Christy was slammed by the girls for meddling in Briana’s life, and in a quest to reveal the truth once and for all, she arrived with Martyr to Tonya Renee Banks’ photo shoot. But instead of proving herself, Martyr’s appearance riled up the ladies. 

“I was asked to come and talk to the other women because they wouldn’t believe Christy. So I thought I was welcome there but obviously I show up and they were completely ungracious and unwelcoming to me, especially Tonya.”

Tonya went on a nasty rant — spewing hateful transphobic slurs against the model.

“She [Tonya] didn’t want me there because she didn’t like me or she didn’t want to talk about that. That’s one thing but she could’ve gone back to doing her photo shoot, which was a joke by the way, and I could’ve talked to the other women because Jasmine expressed interest in the story between me and Matt.” She continues, “I didn’t get to answer that because Tonya jumped in and started acting like a maniac.

Martyr exploded in response to Tonya‘s discriminatory and ‘horrible,’ comments.

“She turned it into a discrimination against me being trans and making all those horrible comments about me. So I left and I wasn’t happy I exploded like that, but I’m glad because I’m not going to let somebody bully me. So she definitely had it coming. It was shocking for me!”

Matt allegedly told the model he has a transgender fetish and has slept with men also.

“As I said on the show, he obviously expressed he had interest in being a trans woman, which is phenomenal, but I’m not something to be crossed off a bucket list. I transitioned to female and want to be seen as a female. I’m not here to be a fetish.”

Martyr does regret saying one thing — that Briana‘s kids are not safe around Matt, “I said it’s not safe for him to be around her kids, and that’s the only thing I 100% regret saying. Because I don’t feel that way after watching the show. I’d only been listening to the other girls.”

The raven-haired beauty made it very clear she is not Matt‘s ‘mistress,’ and she does not sleep with married men.

“The media keeps calling me Matt’s mistress and I’m not. We never even met and I didn’t have the intention.  I don’t need to sleep with married men. I’m a model—  I could get any guy I wanted. I don’t need Briana’s husband.”



Little Women: LA airs on Wednesday, September 21 at 9:00 pm ET on Lifetime.


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