Kelly Dodd Believes David’s Mother’s ‘Emotions Seemed Genuine’ After Explosive Family Drama!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County may have apologized to each other, but I’m not sure all is forgiven. This week, Kelly Dodd entered Shannon Beador’s territory, bottle in hand, ready to the put the past behind them. Kelly assures us things are getting better. 

“It’s been a long time coming, but with Tamra mediating, Shannon and I finally got to a place where things between us aren’t contentious. Better yet, positive vibes are starting to develop… That was my first visit to Shannon’s house. I loved her taste in everything.”

The ladies made a beeline to Shannon’s closet and immediately started pawing through her clothes and insulting her taste.

“All of us have certain clothes that we value beyond their style because they remind us of special memories. I am sure she felt that we were trampling over her emotions by being so cavalier with our sorting and purging. Sorry about that Shannon… She has many beautiful things, but to my eye some were a little too dated.”

Things were going so well, Shannon invited Kelly to her daughters’ gig at Blue Beet.

“The Beador girls are beautiful and extremely talented. That night at the Blue Beet, LOCK played quite a few cover songs before “Dreamcatcher”. Every song they performed was terrific.”

Kelly even took the opportunity to apologize to David for the way she acted at the 70s party.

“It still ended up being a little awkward because my apology felt rushed. I believe he didn’t want to deal with me and I really didn’t want to deal with him.”

Things were going well. Everyone was having a great time. And then…Shannon’s mother-in-law walked into the club. And somehow, she found her way to Kelly.

“As you saw, Shannon was in disbelief that David’s family members were there, since apparently they weren’t invited? Shannon seemed immediately concerned and told us her in-laws hate her… Shannon’s mother-in-law, Donna just happened to end up standing right next to me. Donna introduced herself and told me how proud she is of her granddaughters, and so much more…”

Donna started giving Kelly an earful about her relationship with Shannon. I don’t know if the woman wanted her fifteen minutes of fame or if she spills tea to all of Shannon’s acquaintances. Either way, not cool, Donna!

“Now, contrary to what you may think, I didn’t want to get involved in Shannon’s family soap opera… To me, Donna’s emotions seemed genuine. She was telling me that Shannon does not allow her to see her grandchildren, which made me really sad… Donna seemed to be emotionally hurt. She was upset and the tears were flowing.”

Furthermore, Donna defended David’s affair and put the blame on Shannon.

“I find it ironic that I said something similar at the ’70s party. It seems to me that Shannon probably already knew Donna’s opinion, that’s why she reacted immediately by getting furious with David.”

Without knowing the whole situation, Kelly takes sides. And she’s not backing Shannon, that’s for sure.

“It took a long time for Shannon to come around and accept me. I have said in a previous blog that Shannon holds onto a grudge. You’ve seen it with Vicki, me, and now with her in-laws. I hope for her entire family’s sake Shannon follows Christ’s lead.”

Hmm, if my mother-in-law started shit-talking about me to strangers and my kids, I might have something to say about that. What about you? Are you on Shannon’s side in this one or did Donna have a point?


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