#RHONJ Kathy Wakile & Rosie Pierri Abandoned By Melissa Gorga In Bitter Family Feud! [Exclusive]

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There is no doubt that Melissa Gorga now bats for Teresa Giudice’s team.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey sister-in-laws bonded after a year apart — a new Bravo storyline reinventing their relationship. Melissa has since taken her loyalty to new heights, and is freezing out Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, dropping the sisters like a couple of off-key notes.

Viewers recently witnessed Teresa decidedly cutting cousins Kathy and Rosie out of her life — a nasty family divide, blamed on clashing pursuits of fame. Teresa has a history of pushing her family away, especially when they cramp her reality style. Melissa Gorga comes to mind.

Ironically, Kathy Wakile was the one to stand up for Melissa, when Teresa was icing her sister-in-law out of her life. Teresa didn’t like anyone defending Melissa, and Kathy took the hit for pushing for a harmonic family climate. Melissa is not returning the support, and has turned on her advocate.

On Watch What Happens Live, Melissa said that she and Kathy and Rosie had simply “grown apart” — and that the sisters caused the situation by not seeking ongoing communication. Melissa also described the discord between Teresa and her cousins as cemented long before Melissa busted onto the scene. Not true, says a family insider.

Melissa’s comment about the families feuding for “generations,” is just wrong,” said the in-the-know source. “Teresa and her cousins used to be very close, before Melissa came into the picture.”


Fans will remember both Kathy and Jacqueline Laurita defending Melissa, during the lengthy and public family feud. Both women felt the wrath of Teresa, for daring to plead Melissa’s case. Those days are over, since the forced-into-peace relationship that Melissa now shares with her sister-in-law.

Melissa never calls Kathy anymore. She dropped her the minute that she and Teresa began to play nice,” said the insider. “Melissa did the same thing to Jacqueline. When she didn’t need her support anymore, she cut her off.”

Most viewers would agree that Melissa appears to love the reality stage. It’s about fame, and who can supposedly keep her squarely in the spotlight. Bravo is betting on Teresa  so what the boss says, goes, no matter who is kicked aside in the process. For Melissa to stick up for Kathy would translate as disloyalty to Teresa.


Melissa wrote in her blog that after a long separation, Kathy and Rosie are “all of sudden are ready to come back around,” a line straight out of Teresa’s repertoire. Fame whoring is a seedy biz — and seemingly for Melissa Gorga, her devotion to the star of the show — means Kathy and Rosie are out!   


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