‘RHOC’ Shannon Beador Explains Why She Exploded On David Instead Of His Mother

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Shannon Beador, and trainer, Bob Harper, joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

Bob started off the night by addressing Shannon.

“Can I just say how awful your mother-in-law was in the episode tonight? The fact that she, like played that little victim and like whispering in your friends’ ears and saying that you were responsible for your husband cheating. I was like, what?”

Shannon replied:

“It’s just two weeks after our vow renewal. That was just the disrespect, I thought.”

Tonight, Shannon left a voice mail for Vicki Gunvalson. She wanted to know how Vicki was getting along after the accident at Glamis. Vicki didn’t even bother calling her back. Shannon responded to Vicki’s brush off by saying, “Well, I wouldn’t expect anything different from her.”

In tonight’s RHOC episode, Kelly Dodd immediately took sides with David’s mom, Donna, in the Beador family mess. And Tamra Judge sent Shannon past the crazy point by repeating the fact that Donna thinks Shannon pushed David toward an affair.

Andy did a quick speed round of questions aimed toward Shannon in order to find out more.

What will Donna’s reaction be to tonight’s episode?

“She’s not going to be happy, but this is something that she brought up. And it was so disrespectful on the night of my kids’ performance, to make it about her.”

Does Shannon really keep the kids from seeing their grandmother?

“She’d been with them two weeks earlier at Easter, and she blew off Sophie’s play five days earlier. And we saved her a spot, and she didn’t show up.”

Does Shannon resent her sister-in-law, Vicki?

“No. It’s a bit strained.”

What does Shannon have against Donna?

“Maybe me inviting her over to family functions is something against her, I don’t know what her definition is, but she’s wrong.”

Does Shannon think is relationship is beyond repair?

“I don’t know. You reach a certain point. You know, we’ve had our relationship…there have been ups, absolutely.”

Next, Shannon answered questions about the events that have been happening on the show. Like Meghan Edmonds schlepping over to Vicki’s house to apologize.

“You know what? Everyone can make their own decisions. It’s one I wouldn’t make. I agreed with Jim on that.”

Shannon doesn’t think Tamra was driving recklessly in Glamis, and she refused to comment on whether or not Vicki was milking her hospital visit after the crash. She gave Heather Dubrow a pass for making the crash all about her by saying, “she was in shock.” And she even thought Kelly Dodd was coming from a good place by trying to get Shannon and Donna to stop hating on each other.

Andy then asked Bob a slew of embarrassing questions. Just for the record, Bob hasn’t gone “all the way” with a client. Good to know he’s got boundaries!

Meghan tweeted into the show, wondering why she got all the heat for not going to the hospital when Shannon got a free pass. Shannon said:

“You know, a lot had happened that prior week about stories being released to the press that we couldn’t afford our house and a bunch of things. Everyone knew that was going on, so…I would have gone if she [Vicki] was admitted to the hospital.”

Bob said he’s single and he hates it. He’s looking for a smart, patient guy who can handle all of his baggage.

In next week’s RHOC, we see the cracks in Kelly and Michael’s marriage. Vicki and Kelly go for a massage, and Kelly has a breakdown, talking about Michael’s lack of respect toward her and how it affects her daughter.

Shannon piped in:

“Her daughter is also going to see the comments that she’s making on the show. Just saying.”

Will Shannon’s mother-in-law be invited to Christmas this year?

“We haven’t even gotten there yet.”

And why did she have freak out at David in public, especially when he can’t control what his mother says?

“It was taken out of context. I wasn’t blowing up at David. I was blowing up at the situation, and it has nothing to do with the affair. It has to do with the hurt because after that…I’m still not accepted into the family. That’s the bottom line.”

A caller wondered if Shannon had any advice for Luann de Lesseps after Tom’s cheating scandal.

“You know what, everything is different. I think with she and I, this is a person she doesn’t have a long history with, and for me, I’d been with my husband for fifteen years. And we have children, so I don’t know all the situations. And I’m always uncomfortable commenting on other people’s relationships because no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.”

Bob gave his opinion of Tamra’s new body.

“I think she looks really good. How old is she? She’s forty-eight. She’s got really good muscle. Hit him with the Hein.”

Tonight, Kelly came to Shannon’s house with Heather and Tamra. She apologized for throwing out the c-word, and Shannon gave a half-hearted acceptance. But was the apology for real?

“It was very awkward. And I don’t like to put people in awkward situations, so I just said, ‘okay, whatever.’ I’m willing to move on. I’m willing to move on with anyone. Except if you lie to me for over a year.”

Viewers pointed out that Tamra should have told Shannon what her mother-in-law said at a different time, not in front of everyone.

“You know, it’s possible, but I have to tell you later on in the season, I tell Tamra something right away, as well, and they’re going to ask the same thing. We are such close friends that I would expect her to tell me right away.”

Bob agreed.

“I would have told you immediately. Immediately.”

Does Bob ever speak with Jillian Michaels?

“No. I never ever see her or talk to her.”

The poll question of the night asked which OC Housewife is the most high-maintenance. Heather came in at a whopping 44%. No surprise there, Miss Fancy Pants.

So, did you think Shannon was justified in her public freak out or should she have kept herself together until she got home? Was Tamra right to tell Shannon what Donna said or was she stirring the pot, as usual?


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