#RHONJ Melissa Gorga Accuses Jacqueline Laurita Of ‘Trying To Fight Me’ Amid Family Drama

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Melissa Gorga Accuses Jacqueline Laurita Of 'Trying To Fight' Her Amid Family Drama

Melissa Gorga’s feeling the heat from viewers who aren’t happy she didn’t have Rosie and Kathy’s back as they tried to reunite with Teresa Giudice on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. But pump the breaks, kids. Melissa wants to put a few things to rest.

“As you have seen throughout the past five seasons, there have been A LOT of ups and downs between all of our families and our friendships. No one’s hands are 100% clean, including my own…”

But Melissa maintains that Kathy and Richie Wakile backed away first.

“Our issue with Kathy and Richie is that they are the ones that pulled away from Joe and I, waaay before Teresa went away, and I’m still not even sure why. Now, they all of sudden are ready to come back around and are annoyed that we aren’t dropping everything to make time for them.”

Is she implying, as Teresa did, that Kathy and Rosie are there for camera time? Well, they are part of the storyline this season, and Teresa should be relieved. Otherwise, we’d be watching her do yoga poses and drink green tea every episode. And is it possible that Kathy was busy with her daughter, who had brain cancer?!

“Even though we hadn’t heard from them in a long time, we still supported them, checked in to make sure Victoria was okay and came to see their new beautiful home.”

Way to go, Mel, but be careful. Don’t want you to hurt that arm as you’re patting yourself on the back.

In the last episode, Melissa felt as though she were dragged into the drama once she stepped foot inside Kathy’s house.

“I was pretty clear that I didn’t want to be put in the middle, and I’m glad Joe called Richie out on his unnecessary dig. Teresa, Joe and I agreed that we would put the past in the past…that we would shut down any negative conversations about each other when that person was not there to defend themselves. And that is exactly what we did!”

Joe defended his sister as Richie made a subtle dig at Teresa’s troubled marriage.

“I am proud of how Joe handled himself throughout this entire episode. He loves his family and does want peace, but he’s right… we all need to be genuine to move forward… When people said we weren’t supporting Kathy and Rosie, I think that’s unfair. If it wasn’t for Joe, Teresa would have never even sat down with her cousins.”

We all know Teresa isn’t quick to forgive and forget. In fact, her brain is like a computer from twenty years ago: slow to process.

“I can’t speak for Teresa, but I know from my own experience with her that she goes through a process… She said she doesn’t feel that Kathy and Rosie wanting to reconcile is genuine, and I can see both sides.”

Kathy and Rosie feel that Teresa shut them out completely. Teresa feels they should have reached out to her while she was in prison—whoops! I mean camp.

“I was not on the visitor list or approved email list, but I still wrote to Teresa to tell her how I felt and send pictures of her girls. I made the effort to let her know that I wanted her to be in my life and that I wanted us to be good.”

And Melissa is still angry with Jacqueline Laurita. These two seem to have been butting heads all season.

“What annoyed me most about that night at Kathy’s was the fact that Jacqueline was so much more invested than even Kathy or Rosie. From the minute I came through the door she was trying to fight with me… For someone who keeps claiming that she is SO tired of our family’s “drama,” she seems to be constantly focused on it and is more of an antagonist rather than a peacemaker.”

Next week, the ladies go north. And all hell breaks loose.

“…we finally get to see the infamous Vermont trip. It was a whole other level of crazy. I’m actually looking forward to seeing it, because I still don’t really understand how things got so out of control.”

So, do you think Jacqueline was trying to fight with Melissa? Are Rosie and Kathy genuine in with regards to Teresa?


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