’90 Day Fiance’ Mohamed Jbali & Danielle Mullins’ Scandalous Split —He’s Shacking Up With Her Friend!

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A new season of 90 Day Fiance is underway, and the tag-on series, 90 Day Fiance — Happily Ever After? has been catching fans up with controversial couple, Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins.

The show is chronicling the Ohio woman and her Tunisian dreamboat’s split, which initially went down late last year. The couple was photographed together last Thanksgiving, but then Danielle was seen trying to collect money for car repairs on a GoFundMe page, indicating that the couple has split.

“So since people are being so hateful on other pages and groups. Me and Mohamed are splitting. I will not comment any further on the matter,” Danielle wrote. “Please allow me and my kids our privacy to heal and move on with our life.”

The show is set to follow Mohamed to Miami, where he hints to hooking up with a new love interest. Danielle spoke to the Norwalk Reflector on December 31, 2015 — confirming that Mohamed had left the home. She cited social media woes and cheap, fame whoring women as the main reasons for the split.

“Girls have been throwing themselves at him,” she said. “He’s good looking and young and all these women want to date him. … Some people just want to know what’s going on, but there are actually people out there who just want their 15 minutes of fame and they think that because we were on TV they can get it here.”

Danielle hinted to a goal of reconciliation, a dynamic we have yet to see on the show.

“But the social media drama needs to calm down. People don’t need to know everything about our marriage. … We’ve had non-stop social media problems: women trying to date him and things people say. People tell him different things and people tell me different things.”

Danielle gave another interview to the same outlet, last February, and revealed that Mohamed had sought refuge with one of her former co-workers. The now ex-friend, a woman named Angie, was also married to a Muslim man at the time of a previous filming, and was featured on bonus footage of 90 Day Fiance. The friend was seen giving Danielle advice on traditional food preparation, culture and customs. 

“We did file for an annulment, but then we’ve been thinking and we’ve been talking,” Danielle said in February. “I found out where he was. He was staying with my friend. …. Needless to say, her and I aren’t friends anymore.”

Danielle said that the duo had been friends for ten years, and that while she had no proof of infidelity, she was indeed worried.

“I have no proof,” Danielle said. “But he’s been staying with her and she never told me he was there and she’s been saying things behind my back.”

“Meanwhile she’s in the same boat,” Danielle revealed. “She’s struggling with money and with being a single parent.”

Angie wasn’t the only woman in Mohamed’s life, according to Danielle, who said that Mohamed ran off with other women, supposedly to escape “drama,” at home.

“He says he’s tired of the social media drama,” she said. “But he causes that drama by going on these trips. And he blames me. … He doesn’t understand American culture. You have to explain it all to him. I try to tell him this isn’t drama. But he sees drama as this stuff on social media. To me, drama is me and my family fighting.”

Danielle also indicated that Mohamed’s days in America might be numbered, if they don’t work out their issues.

“He’s on a two-year conditional green card,” she said. “He needs my signature or some other kind of proof to show he didn’t violate the conditions. They don’t usually accept anything unless it has both signatures. So I don’t know how he’s going to prove it, because they won’t take any of the past paperwork that’s already been done.”

Catch up with Mohamed and Danielle, Sunday nights on TLC.


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