Melissa Gorga Abandons Kathy Wakile & Rosie Amid Their Heated Feud With Teresa Giudice

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Melissa Gorga, from the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Bevy Smith, formerly of Fashion Queens, joined Andy Cohen.

Melissa was a little buzzed. “I’m not going to lie. I’m almost Melissa ‘motherf—ing” Gorga tonight.”

Andy played a clip of tonight’s RHONJ episode where Teresa Giudice met up with her estranged cousins, Kathy and Rosie. Things didn’t go well. No fences were mended. Teresa felt that her family only wanted to reunite once the cameras started rolling.

Viewers wondered why Melissa was tight with Kathy and Rosie as long as they stood up for her. Now that they needed her support, she backed Tre.

“You know what? I’m not dropping them. I feel like we have grown apart, I’m not going to lie about that, but they actually stopped calling… Sometimes people just grow apart, and we didn’t have a big fight. I love them very much. They’re like family, they are family to us. I feel like what goes on between them and Teresa, though, runs deep, like down the lines. Like before I was even around. Generations.”

Bevy gave her take on the Jersey fashions. First up, Jacqueline Laurita’s blue dress in the opening credits.

“Well, it looks very ethereal. She looks like a bit of an angel, yes. The bells sleeves are very reminiscent of what Melania wore at the RNC. So, you go, girl.”

And what about Melissa’s pink strapless dress with a pocket covering each boob?

“Well, here’s the problem with those pink pockets there, my love: you know you can’t put your cell phone in there because it gives you the cancer.”

Siggy Flicker’s enormous white bow look.

“That’s what you call a pussy bow. I just like saying ‘pussy’. That’s a pussy bow, and she also looks very judicial, like a part of Parliament or something.”

Dolores Catania’s faux fur jacket.

“Here’s what I love about her being able to pull this off, that means she’s not going through menopause. Because if she was, she’d be so hot…she’s letting us know, the girl’s still popping. She doesn’t need any hormones.”

And leopard print.

“There’s certain designers that do it every single season. That’s Dolce & Gabbana, that’s Cavalli, that’s Versace. So, leopard print is always in style. You should always have one or two pieces in your closet…a little bit goes a long way when it comes to leopard.”

On a sneak peek of next week’s episode, a weekend away puts Jacqueline and Teresa’s friend, Robyn, at odds. Jacqueline called Robyn a loyal soldier to Teresa. Robyn took offense, and then things got crazy.

Was Joe Gorga stirring the pot tonight when he repeated to Teresa what Richie Wakile had implied about her marriage? Melissa defends her husband.

“No, she’s obviously going to see about it and hear about it anyway. They’re at the point there’s no secrets anymore. If someone says it and does it, it’s obviously going to be said, and there’s no hiding anything we say or do.”

Bevy has a fashion trend she wishes would die a swift death: an “off-the-shoulder moment.” Then she glanced over at Melissa’s bare shoulders and flinched.

“Wait! Except for you. Take that back. It’s amazing on you.”

Melissa let it slide and weighed in further on the feud between Teresa and her cousins.

“I think Teresa goes through a process. Like, it’s a process with Teresa. It takes time, and it has to process. I don’t know how else to explain that. It takes a minute. I think she has to get over one thing before she can approach the next thing. And I think she’s stuck in the rut right now, of like, she doesn’t feel it’s genuine. She feels like it’s for reasons that are not real. And she can’t get past that. And I believe there’s truth to both sides. I believe they want to be back in the family and want to be with us, but I do see that she feels like they didn’t reach out when she was away, and so there’s two sides to every story.”

Melissa pointed out that though she was left off Teresa’s visit list, she wrote letters and sent pictures. So Kathy and Rosie had no excuse.

A caller wanted to know if Melissa and Teresa weren’t related, would they still be friends?

“Interesting question. It’s so hard not to imagine her in my life at this point, it’s like, a hard question.”

Miss Lawrence and Derek Jay arrived for a mini Fashion Queens reunion. They judged the Emmy’s red carpet moments. Viola Davis came away a fashion winner, but Claire Danes and Amy Schumer were in the loser category.

In the night’s poll, Andy asked what side the viewers were on: Kathy and Rosie vs. Teresa. Kathy and Rosie came out on top with 60%. However, Andy pointed out Teresa won the same poll the week before.

So, should Teresa have accepted the olive branch from her cousins? Should Joe have told her what Richie said? And should Melissa hang up her off-the-shoulder dresses for good?


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